Top 5 Tips On How to Clean Your Car 

As usual, cleanliness remains the nearest neighbour of Godliness. Finding out that someone is clean and smart doesn’t imply that you need to go to the person’s house and see for yourself. However, you can quickly figure out if they are not clean just by looking at their car. 

Cleanliness in a car shows responsibility. Even if you have not done this yourself, but know how, in fact, this means that you are ready to take care of the surrounding space. 

Nevertheless, not every body knows or is good enough or a pro in the way of car and that’s why we are here to deliver to you the five tips on how best you can keep your car clean. By the close of this reading, we are sure you will have learnt some tricks on cleaning your car professionally. 

Gather All the Necessary Tools and Materials 

Is anyone willing to embark upon a journey before ensuring they have attempted any actions required or helpful in such a move? Any person with a sense would not commit such an act. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to have all needed tools and instruments when cleaning a car. 

Nevertheless, they should buy their construction materials in two groups. Mechanized washing, and hand washing. 

Automatic washing makes use of a car wash machine to minimize labor, whereas it is eventually the hand-washing (which we are talking about) where you end up using manual labor. 

The materials needed for this are: 

  • Buckets 
  • Car wash soap 
  • Microfiber wash mitt or sponge 
  • Wheel and tire cleaner 
  • Soft-bristle brush for wheels 
  • Microfiber towels or chamois 
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Interior cleaning products (for dashboard, seats, and upholstery)
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Soft brush for interior surfaces 
  • Trash bags 
  • Applicator pads for wax and polish (if needed) 

With that being said, having made all these materials prepared, you will now get started with this work, and there would not have been any cause for disturbance or postponement while this work was being done. 

Start with the Interior 

Having set all the needed materials, the real show starts as this point comes in. You may begin with all your trash and removal of the floor mats, as a starting point. Clean the floor using a vacuum. If there is dirt on the seats remove those too. 

To start, dust off the dashboard with a soft brush and then follow up by using an interior cleaner to finish the job properly. Ensure that you clean all corners as well as the cup holders and vents, everything should be neat with nothing remaining behind. 

Use suitable cleaners for the seats depending on their materials. A steam cleaner may also be used in more intensive cleaning work to take out the marks. Use a microfiber towel or a chamois to clean and wipe down the surface. 

Finally, clean the inside windows using glass cleaner, and when it comes to cleaning glass, you have to exercise patience or be gentle. There are many things that need to be done when it comes to the internal cleaning which takes lots of time. Hence, put yourself into gear, and take your time. 

Move on to the Exterior 

Then you turn your attention to the exterior after performing an interior cleaning. Therefore, to get started, wash off your vehicle using water from the hose or power washer so to get rid of any loose dirt and filth. Start by wetting your wash rag/wash-mitt in water with soap then rubbing through each panel. 

The case with soap choices when choosing to wash the car is numerous. However, do ensure that the soap has no high concentration of chemicals that would destroy the paint.

It is also crucial to wash your vehicle completely and then dry your car using a chamois or a soft towel to avoid water spotting. You can then follow up with using a clay bar on your car after it has been washed to eliminate the rest of the contaminants on the car’s surface. 

However, this step may be taken on an optional basis for thorough cleanliness and an extra gloss. 

When you have completed this, use a layer of wax in order to preserve a finished, glossy appearance on your painting. To achieve the best results, ensure that you read and follow them correctly. 

Don’t Forget the Wheels and Tires 

People mostly neglect cleaning of their car tires, thus this part also requires to be taken into consideration. 

Scrub them off using a soapy-water filled bucket mixed with specialized tire cleaner. Be sure that you are able to insert yourself into the spokes and grooves while removing all signs of dirtiness, as well as brake dust buildup. 

Rinse off the tires using clean water and then towels that are still clean to dry them. You may also apply a tire shine product which provides additional glossing as well as sunshine rays. 

Also, for lovers of classic kit cars, they are great for car enthusiasts and collectors alike. With proper cleaning and maintenance, they can continue to be a source of pride and joy for many years to come. 

Therefore, take care of your traditional kit car and have fun while commuting with it on the path! Take care of your car and make it a point to follow as below listed, but don’t forget routine upkeep. 

Final Thoughts 

Washing your car regularly is not just for aesthetic purposes, as dusts and contaminants are likely to cause damage to the paint of the car. Fortunately, with the proper equipment and products, it is not difficult to make your car look like it just came out of a car wash.



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