A Closer Look: ChatGPT vs. Professional Assignment Writers

The Better Choice: Assignment Writing Services or Chat GPT?

Maintaining a good equilibrium between studying, working, and social life can be challenging. Most students are burnt out or stressed out just to keep up. Many students try to balance all aspects of their lives but feel like there’s too much on their plate. In turn, they go online to find help. We don’t blame them. 

The journey forward through academic life can be challenging. An assignment help platform like essaypro promo code or Chat GPT is what you need if you’re a struggling student, and we could all use a little help at times. So, which is the better option? 

We will weigh the pros and cons of assignment writing service and GPT Chat to help you decide which is the better choice.

GPT Chat: Pros and Cons

Chat GPT is a convenient short-term solution to some of your problems. However, in retrospect, it is limited. For those asking themselves, “What is Chat GPT?” it’s an AI language model that executes requests sent over by users via chat messages. 

GPT Chat is attractive to students because you can use it for free. It’s designed as a chat messenger window, where you simply type your requests and send them as chat messages. 

The AI responds with a chat message response. It’s easy to use because of its intuitive interface. It generates responses instantly. 


Because of its fast nature and the fact that it generates content using a database, its responses lack originality and creativity. It simply references its database. AI content detectors and plagiarism detectors easily detect the content from Chat GPTAI content detectors, and plagiarism detectors detect the content from Chat GPT. You will have to spend a reasonable amount of time rewriting its content to make it original. 

Plus, the creators of this AI have also put a notice that it generates false and inaccurate information at times.

Chat GPT is good for superficial use, but it might be unable to handle writing tasks that need deep research and sophisticated methodology. It might also run into technical errors from time to time. 

How does an assignment writing service differ from OpenAI’s Chat GPT? We’ll dive into that right now on our next point. 

Assignment Writing Services: Pros and Cons

Chat GPT is good for simple tasks. Still, it is limited in its ability to do more complex tasks and generate nuanced and original content. 


An assignment writing help platform gives you unlimited features regarding writing help. An assignment writing service like Essay Pro offers you customizable writing options. Experts will take care of the style, tone, and formatting to suit your needs. 

You can also benefit from a wide range of services. If you need help with an assignment or a thesis paper, you’ll get it. 

Experts know plagiarism is a significant offense in universities and colleges, so you can rest assured that you’ll always receive original and plagiarism-free work. You will also be provided with a plagiarism report that proves this. All your procedures and information are kept fully hidden, secure, and encrypted. 

Moreover, you will work with a qualified professional who knows the ins and outs of good academic writing. They can provide insights from years of experience and quality professional assistance. 


A downside to these services is that you will need more time for an assignment. They do tasks that must be submitted in as short as 6 hours. You will also need to revise what you receive, but experts will edit and proofread your paper before they give it to you. 

Lastly, these services aren’t for free. They produce high-quality work that meets all academic requirements and offers students real value, so you’ll have to pay a fee for the completed work. 


Most assignment help services have been in the industry for years. They’re backed up by years of experience in providing services for students all across the globe, and they’re trusted by many. OpenAI’s Chat GPT has only been around since last year.

 It is still in its primitive stages and, at present, can’t generate content that is of high quality and that’s original. Students must also be okay with Chat GPT’s 4096-character limit.On the contrary, assignment services do not place limits on how much content they provide you. 

Finally, be wary of the fact that Chat GPT’s content is often plagiarized. There have been instances where students got expelled from universities when they were found to be using Chat GPT.

On the other hand, established assignment help services boast a track record of delivering extensive content without character limits. Furthermore, they prioritize the assurance of originality. They eliminate the risk of plagiarism-related academic consequences.


The better choice for writing help is an essayservice review. Services like Essay Pro provide students with qualified experts who will do the whole task from start to finish. 

Chat GPT can only give you ideas for content but it can’t organize your ideas, edit them, proofread them, or fact-check them. You’re left to do all that work yourself, and you’ll spend extra time changing its content because it’s typically plagiarized. 

Lastly, AI writing needs to include the nuances and depth of human writing and thinking. The lack of authenticity, originality, and depth will show clearly in the content. Ultimately, you’re better off using a genuine service instead of Chat GPT.


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