Amazing Benefits of Foxwell NT510 Elite OBD Scan Tool

The Foxwell NT510 Elite OBD2 scan tool is a versatile, user-friendly OBD tool ideal for both professional mechanics and car enthusiasts.

This device offers comprehensive diagnostic capabilities and advanced features and is a valuable addition to anyone working with vehicles.

The Foxwell NT510 Elite features a vivid color display and full OBD2 functionality. Equipped with features such as bidirectional control, active tests, and complete system diagnostics – plus extensive vehicle coverage supporting many makes and models – this powerful diagnostics tool offers advanced functionality at an excellent value.

Unique  Points

The Foxwell NT510 Elite’s advanced diagnostic capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive compatibility with various vehicle brands and models distinguish it.

Its intuitive design and robust features make it a top choice among professionals and enthusiasts.

Why Select Foxwell NT510 Elite

Key Benefits The Foxwell NT510 Elite provides numerous vital advantages, including accurate diagnostics, broad compatibility, and frequent software updates.

Its intuitive design ensures users can efficiently use its functions, and bidirectional control enables direct interaction with vehicle systems—an invaluable feature combined with full system diagnostics, reading/clearing codes capabilities, and bidirectional control.

Thus, the Foxwell is an indispensable tool for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics.

Diagnostic Features

The Foxwell NT510 Elite provides various diagnostic features, such as:

Full OBD2 functionality with bidirectional control and active tests, including ABS bleeding, oil service reset, and battery registration.

These features offer comprehensive diagnostic capabilities for various vehicle systems, making the Foxwell NT510 Elite an invaluable asset for troubleshooting and maintenance.


The Foxwell NT510 Elite is compatible with an array of American, Asian, and European vehicles – from American models to Asian makes.

Furthermore, this tool features customized software explicitly tailored for specific brands or models to optimize functionality with each make and model. Thanks to this broad compatibility range, the Foxwell NT510 Elite serves multiple diagnostic tasks seamlessly.

Foxwell NT510 Elite: Diagnostic Power

The Foxwell NT510 Elite stands out as an impressive diagnostic tool with its impressive diagnostic power, evident by its advanced diagnostic capabilities, special functions, and extensive vehicle coverage. It was designed specifically to offer comprehensive diagnosis for various makes and models of vehicles, making it an invaluable asset for automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Advanced Diagnosis

The Foxwell NT510 Elite provides advanced diagnostic capabilities across all major vehicle systems. This includes being able to:

Read and Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs): This car scanner tool enables users to access and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) for various vehicle systems, such as engine, transmission, ABS, and SRS. This allows them to detect issues quickly while resetting any associated warning lights.

View Live Data: The tool offers real-time data streaming, which enables users to monitor engine RPM, coolant temperature, and oxygen sensor readings in real-time to diagnose and track vehicle performance. This feature is essential in diagnosing and tracking vehicle performance.

Perform Active Tests: This tool supports active or actuator tests, which allow users to activate and test specific vehicle components, such as fuel injectors or A/C compressors, for faults or repairs. This feature is invaluable in pinpointing issues and verifying repairs.

Special Functions

The Foxwell NT510 Elite not only offers advanced diagnostic capabilities but also comes equipped with several special functions that increase its diagnostic power, such as:

ABS Bleeding: This tool enables ABS bleeding to flush any air out of the brake system, which is essential for safe braking performance.

Injector Coding: This tool allows users to code new fuel injectors with their engine control module – a necessary step after injector replacement.

Throttle Adaptation: The Foxwell NT510 Elite can perform throttle adaptation after cleaning or replacing a throttle body, making this tool invaluable when performing routine maintenance or oil changes. In addition, the Oil Service Reset functionality provides further convenience.

DPF Regeneration: This tool offers DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration for better engine performance and maintenance.

Battery Registration: The tool allows users to quickly register and code new batteries with their vehicle’s battery management system, an essential requirement in modern cars with intelligent battery monitoring systems.

Foxwell NT510 Elite’s special functions cover various maintenance and repair requirements, making it a robust diagnostic solution.

Vehicle Coverage

The Foxwell NT510 Elite provides extensive vehicle coverage, supporting over 80 vehicle brands from American, Asian, and European manufacturers.

This ensures its relevance across a range of vehicle makes, and models and its dedicated software offers in-depth diagnostics of individual makes/models.

Bidirectional Control and Active Tests

The Foxwell NT510 Elite excels at bidirectional control and active tests, which allow users to interact directly with vehicle systems and components.

Bidirectional control enables users to send commands directly to onboard systems, and active tests allow them to activate specific components to test them directly.

These functions are invaluable when diagnosing issues, testing repairs, or verifying component functionality.

Users of the Foxwell NT510 Elite tool can activate and cycle fuel pumps, cycle A/C compressors, retract brake calipers, or retract ignition modules—features that make this powerful diagnostic tool ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who require precise and interactive diagnostics.

Foxwell NT510 Elite features Full System Diagnostics

Foxwell’s NT510 Elite offers full system diagnostics, providing access and analysis data from all major vehicle systems, including the engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, and more.

Users can read and clear trouble codes, view live data feeds, and perform active tests across these systems, providing comprehensive diagnostic coverage across a variety of vehicles.

Active Tests

In addition to bidirectional control, the Foxwell NT510 Elite features active tests . These allow users to interact directly with various vehicle components and systems, such as solenoids, relays, or switches.

Active tests are invaluable when pinpointing issues and verifying repairs, making this tool an indispensable diagnostic resource.

Foxwell NT510 Elite features several service functions designed to assist with regular maintenance and repairs, such as:

Oil Service Reset: The tool’s oil service indicator reset feature is ideal for routine maintenance, such as oil changes.

Brake Pad Reset: With electronic parking brake reset support and support for replacing brake pads or servicing the entire brake system, this tool offers electronic parking brake reset capability – an essential feature after replacing or servicing brake systems.

Battery Registration: This tool allows users to easily register and code new batteries into their vehicle’s intelligent battery monitoring system, an essential feature in modern cars with intelligent battery monitoring systems.

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration: The Foxwell NT510 Elite provides services that allow the calibration of steering angle sensors (SAS).

This calibration service can be particularly beneficial after aligning or repairing steering systems, making this tool an invaluable asset for maintenance and repairs.

Frequent Software Updates

The Foxwell NT510 Elite receives regular software updates to stay compatible with new vehicle models and systems, making it a future-proof investment. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, these updates can easily be installed and give users access to all the latest features and diagnostic capabilities.

Foxwell NT510 Elite provides an intuitive user interface featuring bright color displays and intuitive navigation.

The operating system is responsive and user-friendly, enabling quick access and interpretation of diagnostic information. Featuring detailed graphics and concise data displays, it makes this tool user-friendly for both professionals and amateurs.


No matter whether diagnosing complex vehicle issues, performing maintenance procedures, or exploring performance enhancement options, the Foxwell NT510 Elite provides the versatility and efficiency needed for all these automotive tasks. It is an incredible value-for-money asset that provides an outstanding diagnostic solution and makes an ideal companion.

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