Ankle Pain Troubling You – Know the Causes and How to Get Relief

Ankle pain is hurting and leaving it untreated will worsen the symptoms. However, the condition is treatable with alternative treatments and regenerative therapies. Painkillers are a temporary solution as the pain will return after its effect is over. Moreover, analgesics have serious side effects detrimental to your health.

Pain is common in adults. According to an article published in Forbes, a physical therapist is the best person to understand what’s wrong with you structurally and what type of exercises could alleviate pain. When it comes to ankle pain, it’s caused due to multiple reasons; however, the common reasons include arthritis, injuries, as well as wear and tear.

The common causes due to injuries

The causes of ankle pain are many. Some of the major causes are due to injuries:


Fractures usually occur due to accidents or falls causing bones to fracture. The ankle fracturing could be mild or serious. Fractured ankles could affect bones in any portion of your ankle joint leading to pain, discomfort, and swelling.


There are sacs filled with fluids, known as bursae that cushion the ankle bones during movement. The condition occurs when the sacs are inflamed and irritated.


Sprains are common causes of ankle ache and it occurs when your ligaments are too much stretched. The stretching results in ligament tears. Twisted or sprained ankles occur when your ankles move forcefully from their usual position.

Ankle pain due to ailments

There are numerous diseases or conditions resulting in ankle pain including:


An extremely low arch or sometimes, not an arch, results in pain, discomfort, and swelling in your feet and ankles. Often, kids’ arches fail to develop normally while they are growing up leading to pain. If the pain due flatfeet is unbearable, have a consultation with a pain management expert at QC Kinetix (Academy). For location information, please click:



When you feel pain or stiffness in your ankle joint, the cause might be arthritis. Due to structural issues, you can have arthritis pain. Even overexertion and injuries can lead to arthritis and the condition is common in seniors above 65 years. Different kinds of arthritis can affect your ankles; the common ones are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.


There are numerous infections such as cellulitis leading to pain and swelling in your ankle joint. It’s the infection of your bone known as osteomyelitis leading to a staph infection. As far as infections are concerned, they could prove dangerous if left untreated for several days or months.


It’s a kind of arthritis caused due to the accumulation of uric acid in your body. Usually, uric acid is eliminated from your body through urine. However, too much uric acid develops crystals settling in your joints. If you have gout in your ankle, it could be extremely painful and bothersome.


If your ankle pain is minor, there is nothing to worry much as it will go away in some time. However, if you have fractures, injuries, or chronic arthritis causing ankle pain, it is essential to consult a professional pain therapist right away.

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