Arthur Ever Winter Jopling: A Look Into The Family of Ellie Goulding’s First Child

Arthur Ever Winter Jopling’s Childhood

Arthur Ever Winter Jopling was born in 2021, and is the first child of English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding and her husband, art dealer Caspar Jopling. Despite his young age, Arthur is already a member of a large and prominent family, with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents who are accomplished in a variety of fields.


Arthur’s parents are Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling. Goulding is a Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter who has released several successful albums and collaborated with artists such as Calvin Harris and Diplo. Jopling is an art dealer and former professional rower who studied art history at Harvard University.


Arthur has two aunts on his mother’s side: Isabel Goulding and Jordan Goulding. Isabel is Ellie’s sister, while Jordan’s relationship to Ellie is unclear.


Arthur has four grandparents. On his mother’s side, he has Arthur Goulding and Tracey Goulding, who are both involved in the arts. On his father’s side, he has Nicholas Jopling and Jayne Warde-Aldam. Nicholas is an investment banker and Jayne is a former Olympic rower.


Arthur has two great-grandparents on his father’s side: Michael Jopling, Baron Jopling and Hilary Gail Dickinson. Baron Jopling is a former member of the British House of Lords, and Hilary is a retired teacher. On his mother’s side, Arthur has Ruth Newell and Collin Newell.


Arthur has one known uncle, Alex Goulding, who is Ellie’s brother.

Arthur Ever Winter Jopling’s Education And Career

As a young child, Arthur is not yet old enough to have started his education or pursued a career. However, with his family’s diverse backgrounds in the arts, business, and sports, he has many potential paths he could choose to follow as he grows up.

More About Arthur Ever Winter Jopling

Despite his young age, Arthur is already a part of a large and accomplished family with roots in various fields. It will be interesting to see how he grows and develops, and what path he ultimately chooses to take in life. For now, he is surely being showered with love and attention from his parents, grandparents, aunts, and the rest of his family.

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