Can you find a good job without a CCIE certificate?

Even if you don’t get the certificate of CCIE, you don’t have to worry about finding a job. Of course, if you are not poor in money, you are also recommended to take CCIE exam.

So for those who are worried about finding a job without certificates, I suggest to solve this problem from these aspects.

First, determine what your network technology level is.

Because I don’t know your background, I don’t know whether you are a self-taught network engineer or a trainee. What you learned is Cisco’s certification technology or Huawei’s network engineer content. Now you are looking for a job. For enterprises, they must hope that you can learn both Cisco and Huawei. So you should not force yourself into the trap that you only know Cisco or Huawei. Since it is so open in 2019, there is a lot of information on the Internet. So first of all, Cisco and Huawei have other manufacturers. As long as it is a universal technical configuration, you should learn about it, so that you can clearly tell the other party in the interview which manufacturer’s equipment you can configure, Maybe one of them is not very skilled. For example, Cisco is the most popular one, but Huawei can still match them without any problems. This should be clearly explained to the enterprise interviewer to leave a good impression on you.

More learning on engineering cases

Because when an enterprise is recruiting, it is obvious that it needs someone with work experience. As for whether or not to have a certificate, different companies have different requirements. However, most companies do not force you to have any kind of certification, but it is better for you to have a certificate in some aspect. So, how can you improve your learning in engineering projects? Either you have work experience, or you should read more about the journal of network engineers. I wrote the column of the growth diary of network engineers, which records a large number of memoirs of front-line network engineers on the project site and in the network engineering

So I often help those greener to say that as long as you have seen the projects I have written, if you have a deep understanding, take out your computer and use the simulator to restore the project case on your computer, so that you have your own work experience. Although you have not really participated in the project, you have done this once, and you have done an internship in the project on your resume, Or study is OK, it’s not bragging.

you can know what the rules of the enterprise are when you have more interviews.

For the interviewers of enterprises, they may be HR interviewers, technical personnel, system integration companies, It companies, or non IT companies

That is, there are all kinds of interviewers. As long as you go through interviews with 10 to 30 or more companies, you can slowly find out the rules. If these enterprises are interviewing technicians, most of them will ask what kind of interview questions, so you should have this interview question bank in advance. If the interviewer asks you what projects you have worked on, what products you have used, what technical problems you have encountered and how you solved them, and how you think about them, then if the interviewer asks you about your engineering project experience in this way, you need to prepare your engineering project experience in advance so that you can skillfully answer their questions.

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