Dealing with Thirdhand Smoke: Effective Cigarette Smell Removal Strategies

Thirdhand smoke consists of the pollutants that settle when a cigarette is smoked indoors. It contains cancer-causing chemicals, like formaldehyde and naphthalene, and releases harmful gases. This is what can make smokers’ properties smell like cigarettes.

ICE Cleaning is a specialist cleaning company that offers cigarette odour removal services. Its technicians can use non-abrasive, non-toxic chemicals and the latest cleaning equipment to eliminate persistent odours. They are available nationwide, 365 days a year, including bank holidays.

Continue reading to find out how to remove the stubborn cigarette smoke smell from your home.

Wash hard surfaces

Thirdhand smoke particles settle as dust on hard surfaces and penetrate deep into porous surfaces, like furniture and fabric. Removing these particles is very difficult without specialist equipment, particularly from porous surfaces.

This is why odour removal hacks, like setting out bowls of baking soda or vinegar, or using air fresheners, don’t work on smoke smells as they can’t get rid of the particles.

However, it is possible to remove some of them by washing and scrubbing hard surfaces, such as doors, floors, ceilings, walls, and floorboards. This might alleviate the odour a bit. It is also recommended that you prime and repaint walls and other surfaces to trap thirdhand smoke residue.

Stop smoking in your property

Thirdhand smoke can last for a very long time – from several weeks to years. Although you can’t air out your property to get rid of it or use normal cleaning methods to remove the particles, the odour will eventually dissipate. The sooner you stop smoking indoors, the sooner the smell will go away.

However, it is recommended you have it removed as soon as possible as the odour is not just unpleasant, it can also put you at risk of serious health problems. According to research, you could be in danger of organ damage, skin diseases, heart disease, and cancer.

Children are particularly vulnerable as they are more likely to ingest and inhale the harmful particles and gases because they breathe faster and put their hands in their mouth after touching surfaces.

Bring in professional cleaners for smoke smell removal

Odour removal specialists, like ICE Cleaning’s technicians, have the specialist cleaning products and equipment to quickly remove all the thirdhand smoke particles in your property. You can be sure they will get rid of the smoke smell in your house and have peace of mind that it is safe, again.

ICE Cleaning’s technicians have years of experience removing persistent odours from all kinds of properties, including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. If it’s an emergency, they can be on site in a mere matter of hours.

You can find out more about ICE Cleaning’s smoke odour removal services on its website.


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