Explore the Australian Outback and Connect with Nature

Australia is both a continent and a country that is home to many natural wonders; the Great Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock and the fertile valleys in NSW, to name but a few. In this short article, we offer invaluable information for those who wish to explore the Outback.

Thriving tourist industry

In 2016, more than 800,000 tourists visited the Northern Territories, spending almost 1 billion dollars. While there are organised tours, if you have the right vehicle with long range fuel tanks parts, there’s no reason you can’t head off into the wilderness for a week. Take enough water, extra fuel and your solar blanket gives you all the power you need.

Motorhome rental

Unless you happen to be an adventure vehicle owner, you can hire a fully equipped motorhome for your Outback adventure; when you work out the cost of transport and accommodation, you realise that a motorhome holiday is very affordable and the experience will bond you as a family. They have a wide range of expedition vehicles, from a small campervan that sleeps 2 to a large motorhome that can accommodate 6 people.

Online Expedition vehicle accessories

If you are a local tourist who has their own motorhome, the online supplier has a huge catalogue that includes additional fuel and water tanks, solar energy systems, awnings and many kitchen items. Motorhome owners are always looking for add-ons and with a leading Australian accessory supplier, you can find the best brands at the lowest prices.

Freedom & independence

There’s nothing to beat setting off in a motorhome with full provisions; of course, you have a schedule but the truth is, you can change your mind at any time. The motorhome rental company have many routes and they can help you create a plan for your time in the Outback; there is so much to see and spending a few days without seeing another human being is something we all should experience.

Main highways

There are numerous highways that run through the Outback; the Stuart Highway runs from Darwin to Port Augusta, taking in Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. The Outback Highway is a series of well-managed dirt roads that intersect across the wilderness and with the right maps and GPS, you will never get lost.

Take out a comprehensive insurance policy

We recommend taking out comprehensive health insurance for the whole family, plus you need cover for personal possessions. Vehicle insurance is included in the rental cost, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Solar power

This is the reason you can disappear for a few days in the wilderness; simply roll out your solar blanket onto the roof and you start storing energy in lithium-ion batteries. Some units have permanent solar panels affixed to the roof and they harvest energy from the sunlight.  A user-friendly interface tells you how much energy you have in your batteries, while you can toggle from the panels to the batteries. This means you do not have to drain your 12V vehicle batteries, which is essential for starting the engine.

Planning your expedition

Using the Internet, you can plan your route, while the motorhome rental company can advise you regarding essential provisions. If you plan properly, you can enjoy a level of comfort during your wilderness adventure; camping has changed a lot since the turn of the century, allowing you to be comfortable while immersed in natural beauty.

Online solutions

If you would like to rent a motorhome and explore the Outback, you can locate a vehicle rental company using Google. With the help of the staff, you can select a suitable vehicle and start planning your expedition. If you are flying into Australia, the rental company can arrange to meet you at the airport with your motorhome, so you can throw in your luggage, buy provisions and you are good to go!

A unique natural world awaits those who have the courage to explore the Outback and we hope that your experience is one that remains in your memory for all time.



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