Ezra Alvarez Obituary Derry NH: Exploring the Circumstances of His Untimely Passing


It is with deep sorrow that we report the unexpected passing of Ezra Alvarez, a vibrant student and talented soccer player from Pinkerton Academy. This tragedy has left his family and the entire community in shock and mourning. In this article, we aim to shed light on the life of Ezra Alvarez, the details surrounding his untimely demise, and the heartfelt tributes pouring in to honor his memory.

Who was Ezra Alvarez?

Ezra Alvarez was a cherished member of the Pinkerton Academy community, where he excelled academically and made significant contributions to the school’s soccer program. Hailing from Derry, a town located in Rockingham County, New Hampshire, Ezra was known for his passion for soccer and his active involvement in the academy’s sports activities.

The Unfortunate Demise: Understanding the Cause of Death

On Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Ezra Alvarez passed away unexpectedly at his home in Derry, New Hampshire. The exact cause of his untimely death has not been officially confirmed, but preliminary reports suggest that it was a result of a tragic incident. The community is still awaiting further information regarding this devastating loss.

Tributes and Condolences

In light of Ezra Alvarez’s sudden and heartbreaking departure, an online fundraiser has been initiated by Jordan Alvarez on GoFundMe. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 to support the funeral expenses and provide solace to the grieving family during this challenging time. To contribute or learn more, please visit the official fundraiser page.

The news of Ezra Alvarez’s passing has reverberated far and wide, eliciting an outpouring of heartfelt tributes. Copper Hills High School Football, through their official Twitter handle @CopperHillsFB, expressed their condolences and paid homage to Ezra, referring to him as a friend, brother, and teammate. The tweet states, “Our hearts are heavy today as we were informed of the passing of one of our former Grizzlies, Ezra Alvarez. Ez was our friend, brother, and teammate. Our condolences go out to his family and current teammates at Pinkerton (NH). We love you, Ezra. You will be missed. ‘Fly high, six.'”

Final Words

We extend our deepest sympathies to Ezra Alvarez’s family, friends, and loved ones. The loss of such a bright young soul is truly devastating, and we pray for strength and solace for all those affected by this tragedy. May Ezra Alvarez’s spirit find eternal peace.

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Who was Ezra Alvarez?

Ezra Alvarez was a remarkable student and dedicated soccer player at Pinkerton Academy. He resided in Derry, New Hampshire, in the United States.

How did Ezra Alvarez pass away?

The circumstances surrounding Ezra Alvarez’s untimely demise on February 14, 2023, at his residence in Derry, New Hampshire, are still under investigation. Official information regarding the cause of death is yet to be released.

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