Fall Radiance: Incorporating Skincare Into Your Seasonal Routine

Fall is a beautiful time of year, but it can wreak havoc on your skin. As temperatures drop and winds pick up, your summer skin care routine may not be enough to keep your skin soft and supple. Fortunately, you only need a few tweaks to your regimen, such as adding the Seratopical anti aging line, for radiant skin this fall.

Switch to Seasonal Products

During the summer, you use products that clear away sweat and oil. However, these products can be drying and too harsh for fall. Instead, you want to look for hydrating formulas.

Cleansers can be especially problematic since they strip the skin of sebum, the naturally occurring oil that seals in moisture. Look for gentle and moisturizing cleansers that support your moisture barrier.

You’ll also want to switch from light lotions to heavy-duty creams. Heavier moisturizers deliver maximum hydration. If you have oily skin and worry about creams clogging your pores, look for non-comedogenic products.

Finally, run a humidifier when your skin feels especially dry. Putting moisture into the air can soothe your skin and prevent the following:




Skin Smoothness and Hydration

During colder months, you may find certain areas need more care. Your eyes are one such, as the skin is very thin there. A fine line eye serum deeply hydrates, reducing the appearance of wrinkles by plumping the skin. The right formula can also reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Hands are another area of concern, as they may crack and bleed when exposed to cold weather and harsh winds. Hand creams and masks can go a long way toward soothing your frozen fingers, but you should also wear gloves to prevent further damage.

Finally, don’t forget about lip and foot care. Both tend to chap in the fall and winter, which can be quite painful. However, vigilance can keep them soft and comfortable.

Lip Care

If you have chapped lips, you may feel the temptation to touch them. However, the following will only make dryness worse:





Instead, apply a richly hydrating chapstick to deeply moisturize. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you should find a chapstick with SPF to protect your lips from ultraviolet radiation.

The most important time for lip treatments is before bed. Don’t be afraid to apply a lip mask or even petroleum jelly at bedtime to hydrate while you sleep.

Foot Care

The best solution for cracked heels is exfoliation, then moisturizing. Exfoliating first ensures you remove dead skin cells, allowing the newer cells beneath to absorb the product properly. Soaking your feet in warm water beforehand can make exfoliation easier since it will soften the toughened skin.

Next, apply a thick cream for healing hydration. Put on socks afterward for maximum absorption.

Fall is a time to look your best, as there are plenty of celebrations to attend. Investing in autumn-friendly products, such as the Gleaming Nicole Kidman brightener, can make a world of difference when you look back at photos with loved ones. You deserve to look and feel beautiful, so don’t hesitate to invest in your skin care with the right products.

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