How Could I Know How Many Tesla Supercharger Station Near Me

As an electric vehicle owner, keeping your vehicle charged is crucial to ensuring you have a positive experience with your eco-friendly ride. Locating nearby charging stations gives you flexibility and range confidence when traveling to new destinations. Electrly, an innovative EV charger manufacturer, provides an interactive map to help you know how many tesla superchargers are within reach.Their Tesla Superchargers Near Me feature allows you to enter an address or zip code and view all Supercharger locations within a 100-mile radius. With over 12,000 Superchargers worldwide, including more than 1,000 in North America, there are ample opportunities to recharge your Tesla and continue your journey. Reduce range anxiety and stay charged wherever the road takes you.

Locate Tesla Superchargers on the Tesla Website

To locate Tesla Superchargers near you, visit Tesla’s official website and use the Supercharger map. Simply enter your current location or destination and the map will display all nearby Supercharging stations. Each station icon shows the number of stalls at that location and whether they are currently in use.

Some tips for using the Tesla Supercharger map:

  • Filter by amenities like restaurants, shopping, and restrooms to choose a convenient Supercharger location. Many stations provide access to essential amenities to make charging more enjoyable.
  • Check the details of a specific Supercharger location to see its exact address, the number of charging stalls, and available power levels which can range from 72kW to 250kW. Higher power stations enable quicker recharging.
  • See the current usage of charging stalls in real-time. This allows you to determine the ideal time to charge your vehicle and potentially avoid waiting.
  • Plan longer drives ahead of time by mapping a potential route. The Supercharger map shows all stations along any route to ensure there are sufficient charging options for your journey.
  • Bookmark favorite Supercharger locations. If there is a station you frequently use, bookmark it for easy access and navigation. Your bookmarks automatically sync across all your Tesla vehicles.

Using the resources provided on Tesla’s website and mobile app, locating an available Supercharger is simple and convenient. With thousands of charging stations across North America, Europe, and Asia, the Tesla Supercharger network powers all your sustainable travel needs. Charging up has never been easier thanks to Tesla’s ever-expanding infrastructure.

Use the Tesla Mobile App to Find Superchargers Near You

To locate Tesla Superchargers near you, simply use the Tesla mobile app on your smartphone. The app provides an interactive map showing all Supercharger locations within range of your current location. Just open the app, tap the lightning bolt icon at the bottom to see the map, and zoom in to view Superchargers in your local area.

Each Supercharger pin on the map will show you the number of charging stalls at that location, and whether any are currently available. Tap on a Supercharger pin to get the address, hours of operation, and current availability of charging stalls. The status of each Supercharger is updated in real time based on data from other Tesla vehicles currently charging at that station.

The Tesla mobile app makes it effortless to find a Supercharger when you need to recharge your vehicle’s battery. With over 25,000 Superchargers at over 2,700 stations worldwide, Tesla operates the largest fast charging network on the planet. Superchargers provide up to 250 kilowatts of power, enabling you to quickly recharge your Tesla to 80% in as little as 30 minutes.

Using the Tesla mobile app to locate Superchargers along your route is the best way to ensure you never run out of range in your Tesla vehicle. The app provides an easy, convenient way to see real-time availability of chargers at any Supercharger so you can efficiently recharge and continue your drive without delay. Simply open the app, find the nearest Superchargers on the map, and navigate to the location for a fast, seamless charging experience.

Check Third-Party Websites Like Electrly

To find Tesla Supercharger stations near you, visit third-party charging station locator websites and apps like Electrly. These services provide real-time data on all public EV charging stations, including Tesla Superchargers.

Check Electrly’s Website or Mobile App


Electrly’s free website and mobile app make it simple to locate the nearest Tesla Superchargers. Just enter your current location or address and the service will display all nearby charging sites on an interactive map. Each station is marked by a pin that shows the number of available charging ports, hours of operation and types of chargers.

When you tap on a station’s pin, you’ll see the exact street address, phone number, and any amenities at the location like restrooms, Wi-Fi or food options. The details page will also list the types of chargers, typically several Tesla Supercharger stalls. Choose the fastest option, usually 120 kW or 150 kW for the quickest recharge.

Electrly’s station search allows you filter by only Tesla Superchargers or to show all EV charging networks. You can also filter by the number of ports, port type, and available power levels to find a charger that meets your needs. Save your favorite Tesla Supercharger locations to quickly check their status in the future.

Overall, independent charging station locators and apps are an incredibly useful resource for Tesla owners and other EV drivers. By providing real-time data on thousands of public charging sites across networks, they make it simple to find a Tesla Supercharger or other fast charger wherever your travels take you. Be sure to check a service like Electrly before hitting the road to locate charging stations along your route and avoid any surprises. With their map-based interfaces and filtering options, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint the ideal place to recharge your Tesla.

Call Local Tesla Stores or Service Centers

To locate Tesla Supercharger stations near you, one of the best ways is to contact your local Tesla stores or service centers. Tesla employees have the most up-to-date information on Supercharger locations and can provide guidance on the nearest available charging options.

You have a few options for contacting Tesla. You can call your nearest Tesla store or service center directly and speak to a representative. Explain that you are looking to charge your Tesla vehicle and need to know the closest Supercharger locations. The staff should be able to provide addresses and directions to the nearest stations.

Another option is to use the chat feature on Tesla’s website. Select the “Charging” category and indicate you need help finding Supercharger stations in your area. A chat agent can look up your location and provide details on the nearest Supercharger sites, including business hours, number of chargers, and amenities. The chat feature is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for convenience.

As a last resort, you can also email Tesla customer service at In your email, supply your name, vehicle details, current location and that you need assistance locating nearby Superchargers. A customer service agent should respond within 1-2 business days with information on the charging stations closest to you. Be sure to include your phone number in case the agent needs to call you to provide clarification or direction.

Utilizing Tesla’s customer service options is an easy way to find Supercharger stations in your vicinity. With stores, service centers, phone support, chat and email available, you have many avenues to get your questions answered and ensure you can keep your Tesla vehicle charged for all your driving needs. The staff is specially trained to provide owners courteous and helpful support in finding charging solutions.

Tesla Supercharger Network: Growing Rapidly

Tesla’s Supercharger network is expanding rapidly to provide convenient charging for Tesla vehicle owners wherever their travels take them. As of 2021, there are over 25,000 Superchargers across 2,700 stations globally, with six new Superchargers installed every hour.

Growing Coverage

Tesla aims to provide charging within 150 miles of all owners. The network already covers major routes in North America, Europe, and Asia. Stations are strategically placed along well-traveled highways and in urban centers. Tesla uses data from Tesla vehicles to determine optimal locations for new Superchargers to maximize coverage and meet the needs of owners.

Fast and Reliable

Superchargers provide up to 250kW, enabling owners to quickly recharge their vehicles. The newest V3 Superchargers can add up to 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes. Superchargers are also highly reliable, with a 98% uptime in 2020. In the rare instance a Supercharger is non-operational, Tesla deploys technicians to repair or replace it as quickly as possible to minimize disruption.

Cost and convenience

For most owners, Supercharging is free. Tesla continues to expand the network to make charging convenient wherever you travel. Using the touchscreen in your Tesla vehicle, you can easily navigate to Superchargers, see how many stalls are open, and start charging when you arrive by simply plugging in – there’s no need for cards or apps. Your Tesla will automatically bill your account for any applicable idle fees.

Tesla is committed to providing the world’s best charging experience through an extensive, continually growing Supercharger network. With stations strategically located for maximum coverage and state-of-the-art technology enabling fast, reliable charging, Tesla makes it easy for owners to travel long distances in their electric vehicles. The Supercharger network is a key part of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.


As an electric vehicle owner, the ability to quickly and conveniently charge your vehicle is essential. Knowing where the nearest Superchargers are located provides peace of mind and the freedom to travel with confidence. With the Electrly Supercharger locator, you’ll have an up-to-date map of all Tesla Supercharger stations at your fingertips. Simply enter your current location or destination and the tool will show you where to charge, how many chargers are available, and vital details like hours of operation and amenities. For EV owners and those considering making the switch to electric, the Electrly Supercharger locator is an invaluable resource to keep you on the road and always in the know. The open road is calling – will you answer? With Electrly, the answer is yes.


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