How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat

Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has garnered huge popularity among Gen Z. This formidable social networking app allows users to share photos and videos known as “Snaps” which automatically disappear upon being viewed. If you’re a parent, your primary objective should be to safeguard your children from any dangers that exist online – including sexually explicit content sent on Snapchat and similar apps.

Fortunately, you can utilize discreet tracking apps such as mSpy to monitor your kid’s Snaps, text messages and online interactions with ease.

Why Is Snapchat So Popular?

Snapchat allows users to send vanishing messages, making it a popular sexting platform for teenagers. In addition, you can share Stories with your followers for 24 hours, use Geofilters, play around with Lenses, and even share your location with friends using Snap Map.

There are several reasons why guardians should monitor their children’s Snapchat accounts. These include:

  • They could use Snapchat to send adult content.
  • Strangers and older kids can bully your child on Snapchat.
  • Your little ones could fall victim to perverts and child molesters.

How to Monitor Your Kid’s Snapchat

  • Install mSpy for Fast Monitoring

mSpy is a superb parental control app that’s equipped with all the features you’d need to monitor your child’s device. If you often worry about who your kids are chatting with on Snapchat and what they discuss, mSpy can help put your mind at ease.

This app comes with a Snapchat tracker that reveals your target user’s chat history on Snapchat. You will conveniently view all photos, videos and links they share with other people. Remarkably, mSpy even retrieves any vanished messages/Snaps and stores them in the Control Panel for your review. There are many different apps, you can choose it at way mSpy vs Turbo spy.

This tracking app also provides accurate timestamps and recipient details to help you discover who your loved ones have been chatting with. It’s the perfect app for those looking to monitor minors. 

  • Password Resetting

Another trick you can use to access your child’s Snapchat account is resetting their password. For this method to work, you’ll need to know his/her email address. To start, you’ll need to visit Snapchat’s login page via your preferred browser, type in their email and click on “Forgot Password”.

You can either choose to Reset the password by SMS or Email Address. Once you’re done, you will receive a link that allows you to reset the target user’s password and view their chats. Unfortunately, you still need to gain physical access to your child’s device in order to click on the provided link.

  • Snapchat’s Built-in Controls

Snapchat offers an integrated parental control feature known as Family Centre that allows users to monitor their kids’ Snapchat usage without much hassle. To use this method, you first need to create a Snapchat account and add your child as a friend.

Once they accept your friend request, head to Family Center, located in the “Privacy Controls” section and follow the setup instructions until you reach the invitation screen. Next, send your loved one an invitation. Once they accept your request, you’ll be able to view their friends list, current convos and more.

The major drawback with this method is that it only works if your child consents to being tracked. The target user should also be between 13 and 17 years old.

Final Thoughts

Tracking your child’s Snapchat use can certainly help you understand whether they’re chatting with the right crowd. It can also improve parental control since you’re always kept up-to-date with your kid’s online activities. If you’re searching for the perfect tracking solution, consider using a revered monitoring app such as mSpy.

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