How to Prepare Your Plumbing System for Winter?

Winter is one of the most beautiful and wonderful seasons but it is accompanied by the challenges that the homeowners have to encounter, the most common among them are the plumbing problems. When it comes to the winter season, there is a danger of pipes freezing and bursting which results in water damage and expensive repairs. So, preparing your plumbing for winter is very important. In this all-inclusive manual, we are going to lead you through a number of steps that you need to take in order to keep your plumbing system in good working order through the winter.

Steps to Prepare Your Plumbing for Winter

Insulate Pipes

The first step in the process of winterizing your plumbing system is the insulation of the pipes. In other areas where they are poorly insulated, such as the garage, basement, and attic, the piping is especially vulnerable to freezing. One such solution that is cheap but effective is foam pipe insulation. When it comes to the pipes subjected to freezing conditions, heat tape should be considered instead. This added advantage can help you save Up to $ 300 on an emergency plumber when you wake up one cold night only to discover that the main water pipe burst in the garden. If you need winterization or help from a leading plumbing service in San Jose, California, you are welcome to rely on the capabilities of the Fuse Service. 

Drain Outdoor Faucets

When preparing for the winter, the outdoor faucets and garden hoses could be easily neglected. But they are often at the greatest risk due to their mostly naked bodies and therefore their external position. Make sure to disconnect garden hoses, drain and store them in a warm area. Also, turn off the water supply for outdoor faucets and let out any remaining water. This can not allow the accumulation and freezing of water which can damage your pipes and faucets.

Seal Leaks

Pipes can freeze standing alone at home if the inflowing air is very cold as it can come from broken openings on the sides of the house. Do an assessment to your home early enough before the onset of winter especially on areas like the basement and crawlspaces for any possible leakages. Fill these leaks with caulking or spray foam insulation to prevent cold air from getting inside the house.

Service Your Water Heater

The demand for hot water is constant, especially in winter, and due to this our water heating apparatus has to work more. Set optimal settings and flush the system to remove any sediment that might be available in it to ensure that it is in its best operational efficiency. It will work most efficiently if it is serviced on a regular basis.

Consider Heat Tape

Homeowners living in frigid areas should buy heat tape. Heat tape is effective in preventing the pipes from freezing by ensuring that the temperature around the pipes is constant. Although heat tape installation is a project which can be done by a homeowner, it is advisable to have a professional from some good plumbing companies, because this assures accurate installation and usage.

Emergency Measures

Your best intentions notwithstanding, emergencies with plumbing can still happen. If one needs to prevent themselves from suffering water damage, it is critical to understand the ways that one can use so that they can turn off your main water valve quickly. Also, ensure to have contacts of reliable emergency plumbers close by.

When to Call a Professional?


Several symptoms will show that a person should seek the assistance of a specialist. Such signs include lower water pressure, coloration of water or freezing of your pipes. Never be shy about engaging with experts such as when it becomes pertinent. Don’t hesitate to call in professionals when necessary; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In Conclusion

Winterizing your plumbing system is a critical component of home maintenance. It saves the time and money that would have been used in the repair process. The use of these pointers will run your system well during the winter. But keep in mind that if some of the above-mentioned things make you feel unsure or worried, professional help is only one simple call away.


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