How To Transition Your Lingerie Drawer From Winter to Spring

Spring fashion is just around the corner. It’s time to get ready for lighter fabrics, shorter skirts and fresh colors to shake off the winter blues. As you update your outfits for warmer temperatures and outdoor activities, don’t forget to switch out your lingerie options. You’ll want bras and panties that fit your style and personality to complement your new spring wardrobe. Look for comfortable bras in pastels and classic colors that feel like the new season.

Opt For Wire Free

As you pack up your fuzzy socks and warm sweaters, you’ll be getting out lighter-weight shirts and tops that won’t cover up bulky bras and underwear. Your lingerie should fit the season.  Look for a no wire bra that won’t show lines through your spring shirts. Wireless bras give you more movement, so they’re preferable for high-active jobs or situations. For your spring wardrobe, you’ll want to have bras and panties in lighter colors that won’t show through your tops or bottoms.

Go For The Classics

Keep a wide variety of bras in your wardrobe for shirts of all styles. Have two or three supportive bras that you can wear for everyday activities. You should not wear the same bra every day. Give your bras a day or two to air out between uses. A classic t shirt bra is a great option for a casual weekend day when you want support and comfort. If you need extra layers for a cooler day in spring, this bra won’t feel bulky. If you’re buying new bras in spring, check your size before you buy. Make sure you’re getting the bra in the right size for you. Check each manufacturer’s sizing charts before buying. Sizes do vary.

Organize Your Lingerie Drawer

As you transition your wardrobe for the new season, do a spring cleaning of your lingerie drawer. Go through all your bras and panties with a discerning eye. Get rid of older lingerie that doesn’t fit or is starting to sag. Make a mental inventory of what’s left to replace the essentials. Instead of storing bras in a drawer this season, hang them up on hangers. This keeps the cups from getting smushed, which shortens the life of the bra. Fold panties and have a system to find your favorites quickly.

Wash and Dry Your Lingerie Properly

Make a resolution to clean your bras and panties correctly. Heat is the enemy of elastic and fine fabrics that lingerie is made of. Get a lingerie bag for the washer. Select a mild detergent suitable for synthetic fabrics. Wash your bras and other delicates in warm water. (Use cold water if cleaning out blood stains.) Do not use bleach. Handwashing is even more gentle on your intimates and may be recommended by some manufacturers. Air dry bras to avoid distorting their shape. Using the heat of the dryer to dry bras and panties can degrade the elastic.

Find a large selection of women’s lingerie where you can get all the styles and colors you want for your spring wardrobe.

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