Katherine Thorp Everett: Meet Chad Everett’s Daughter

Katherine Thorp Everett is a celebrity child, best known as the daughter of Chad Everett and Shelby Grant. Although she is not a name common to many, her parents had successful acting careers in the showbiz industry. Chad Everett appeared in over 40 films and television series and is mainly remembered for his role as Dr. Joe Gannon in the television drama Medical Center.

Shelby Grant’s credits include Our Man Flint, Medical Center, and Fantastic Voyage. Please keep reading to get a more detailed account of Katherine Thorp, her sibling, and her parents’ lives.

Katherine Thorp Everett Bio

Katherine Thorp Everett was born in Orlando, Oklahoma, on 21 June 1969 to Chad Everett and Shelby Grant. She is one of the couple’s two children. Her parents kept their daughters away from the cameras; hence little is known about Katherine’s upbringing. Growing up with both parents being actors, we imagine Katherine took up the same career. However, the 53-year-old has not appeared in any film or television show. Her whereabouts and what she does for a living remain a mystery.

Katherine Thorp Everett’s Siblings

Katherine has one sister named Shannon Everett. Shannon keeps her personal details to herself, which is unclear when she was born. She appeared in a single film back in 1992 named Stringer. Since then, she has maintained a low profile despite her parents’ fame.

Katherine Thorp Everett’s Parents

Katherine’s mother, Shelby Grant, was born Brenda Thompson on 19 October 1936. She appeared in local television commercials for KTUL-TV after college. Before joining the entertainment industry, she worked as special education and deaf students’ teacher at Hollywood High School. Shelby debuted on television in 1963 on an episode of Bonanza. She was a contracted actor with 20th Century Fox, under which she played roles in films like The Pleasure Seekers (1964), Fantastic Voyage (1966), Our Man Flint (1966), and The Witchmaker (1969). She also appeared in two episodes of Batman, the medical drama TV series Marcus Welby, M.D, and Medical Center.

Katherine wedded her husband, Chad Everett, on 22 May 1966. At the time of their wedding, her husband was filming the 1967 movie Return of the Gunfighter. She left her acting career to focus on philanthropy in her later life. The couple sponsored over 20 heart surgeries for children.

Katherine died of a brain aneurysm on 25 June 2011, aged 74.

Katherine’s father was born Raymon Lee Cramton on 11 June 1937. His agent changed his name because he was tired of explaining his real name: “Raymon-no-D, Cramton-no-P.” He graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in drama. His first significant role in acting was in the 1643 ABC Western TV series The Dakotas, where he played a deputy. After several appearances in movies and television series, Chad landed the role of Dr. Joe Gannon on Medical Center. He appeared in other films and television series like The Stinging Nun, Airplane II: The Sequel, Star Command, and Mulholland Drive. He also guest starred in more than 40 television series.

Chad faced a paternity lawsuit after actress Sheila Scott claimed that he fathered her son Dale. The suit ended in 1984 when a court of appeal in California ruled in favor of Chad Everett.

Wrapping up

Katherine is like many children born to celebrities who end up living a simple life away from the limelight.

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