NoBroker Home Cleaning Services in Hyderabad – Pros, Cons and Pricing Explained. 

I recently discovered that I was in need of expert Hyderabad house cleaning services. Keeping your living environment clean and hygienic is important if you live in a busy metropolis. My small two-bedroom apartment had become covered in filth, dust, and grime over time. Finding trusted home cleaning services in Hyderabad, however, turned out to be rather difficult. That’s when I came across NoBroker, a platform that stood out as a reasonably priced choice in addition to promising high-quality services. I’ll go through the benefits, drawbacks, and specifics of house cleaning services in this NoBroker cleaning services review.

I had heard a lot of scary stories about shady cleaning suppliers before deciding on NoBroker. Anyone would be hesitant to give their home to a stranger after reading about complaints and frauds. Luckily, a friend of mine who had used NoBroker home cleaning services and raved about them introduced me to the company. The reassurance of a reliable referral gave me the courage to give it a shot.

Scheduling NoBroker Cleaning Service 

The simple booking procedure on the NoBroker platform is one of its best aspects.

  1. Select Your Offering: NoBroker provides a range of cleaning services for homes. Whichever option best meets your needs—whether it’s a thorough cleaning of the entire house or just certain rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom—is yours to select.
  2. Click-to-Book:Making a reservation is as easy as a few clicks on their mobile app or website. You decide what kind of cleaning you require, pick a time that works for you, and give specifics about your location.
  3. Hassle-Free Service: NoBroker’s cleaning partners provide a hassle-free experience by coming to your door. They clean your home inconspicuously and without bothering you. You can ensure that there are no NoBroker scams with these services.


Booking is Easy: NoBroker’s intuitive platform makes booking a snap. I was able to choose the level of cleaning I required, from deep cleaning to spot cleaning in particular areas like the kitchen and bathrooms, thanks to the simple approach.

Assurance of Quality: They are trusted home cleaning services. The experts from NoBroker showed up with state-of-the-art tools and safe, authorised cleaning agents. Their unwavering dedication to excellence was clear, and the end product was a spotless living area.


Pricing: Although NoBroker offers open pricing, some customers may find their services to be more costly than those of nearby suppliers. However, the quality frequently justifies the price.

Restricted Service Areas: Not all parts of Hyderabad may have access to NoBroker’s services, which may be a drawback for people living in less central areas.

My Experience with Booking NoBroker Cleaning Services

I chose to have my entire apartment thoroughly cleaned when I signed up for NoBroker’s Full House Deep Cleaning Services. The cleaning project proceeded as follows:

  1. Thoroughly cleaned rooms:Everything in the rooms was cleaned, including the fans, light fixtures, floors, mirrors, windows, sofas and beds. Dry vacuuming of the curtains was also done. Deep cleaning services for villas were also included.
  2. Well-Maintained Restrooms: Everything in the bathroom was spotless, including the floor, tiles, commode, washbasin, mirrors, taps, and electric fittings. Up to 75% of the stains were removed from the hard water.
  3. A Fully Scanned Kitchen: The kitchen’s cupboards, slabs, flooring, sinks, exhaust systems, electric fixtures, and outdoor chimneys were all cleaned. Interestingly, only when they were empty were cabinets and drawers cleaned.
  4. Pricing: I chose the elite service of my fully furnished apartment, and it cost me Rs. 4599. After that, I also got 5 % cash back for completing the service.

Benefits of Selecting NoBroker Home Cleaning Vendor in Hyderabad

I saw the following four main advantages when I used NoBroker to hire cleaning professionals:

  1. Safety and Quality: With state-of-the-art equipment, government-approved, premium cleaning chemicals, and positive NoBroker paid service reviews, NoBroker’s deep cleaning specialists in Hyderabad guarantee complete and secure cleaning.
  2. Transparent Pricing: NoBroker guarantees that their pricing includes no additional fees. You can be sure that there won’t be any unforeseen costs on the bill. You will not find any NoBroker scams.
  3. Flexible Appointments: There are noNoBroker complaints; you have the freedom to modify or cancel your appointment whenever you’d like.
  4. Reliable Partners: Instead of partnering with neighbourhood vendors, NoBroker conducts thorough quality checks and only chooses the best and most experienced service providers in the business. Their NoBroker customer reviewsalso state the same.


I had an excellent experience with NoBroker’s house cleaning services in Hyderabad. The platform fulfilled my demand for a dependable and trustworthy cleaning service by providing a simple booking procedure, clear pricing, and comprehensive cleaning. What distinguishes NoBroker from the competition is its dedication to professionalism, quality, and safety. NoBroker is a good option if you’re seeking a reliable house cleaning service in Hyderabad, and I heartily suggest you visit today to book the cleaning service in Hyderabad.

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