Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot: PAD operation, ditching cell phone

Redroad G20 is the first fully-intelligent PAD sweeping robot with its own PAD in the base station, without the need for cell phone APP. The base station is equipped with a 10.1-inch intelligent screen, and the PAD sweeping robot replaces the cell phone APP, enjoying all the intelligent functions, and solving the problem of all the troubles of using a sweeper that can only be operated by the cell phone APP with a full-featured sweeping robot. For example, when using the sweeper, there are often APP connection to the sweeper to connect to the network failure problem; APP often disconnected, the sweeper can not use the problem; can only be edited in the cell phone APP virtual wall, booking sweeping, set the room, sweeping mode and other intelligent functions of the basic use of the problem.


This unique PAD sweeper Redroad G20 was officially launched on December 8, and is on hot sale at bestbuy, with an original price of $899 CAD. During the debut period, it is discounted by $100 CAD, and finally arrives at only $799 CAD.

PAD operation, ditch the phone

Redroad G20 PAD sweeping robot has a 10.1-inch intelligent screen in the base station, through the base station Pad directly customize the room naming, set the virtual wall, set the sweeping mode, which sweeps wherever you want, and other intelligent features operation.

Redroad G20 Pad can be used after connecting to WIFI. After connecting to WIFI, the base station actively transmits the password to the host of the sweeping robot to create a connection, and the pairing can be completed quickly in 3s to carry out cleaning work, which is faster and more convenient.

Sweeping robots on the market require cell phone APP networking to operate, download APP, register an account, add devices, connect wifi, APP and sweeper pairing network and other steps to complete the networking; and in the process of networking often encountered network and sweeping robot mismatch, cell phone permissions to limit the APP, connecting to the 5G network, the password is not in the correct format and other cumbersome problems, ultimately leading to networking Failure, can not use the sweeping robot normally, let a person is very annoying.

Redroad G20 PAD sweeper, 3S connected to the network can be easily used, APP is no longer necessary to operate, if you need to operate the function remotely, only need to download APP operation, connected to the network just scan the shared QR code on the PAD sweeper.

Redroad G20 Pad large screen operation will be more intuitive. 10.1-inch screen, customize room naming, set the virtual wall, set the sweeping mode, where to sweep and other operations more convenient and simple. When the pad is offline, the sweeper can also sweep, mop, wash and dry the mop normally.

As a new member of the family, Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot allows everyone in the family to “direct” the cleaning anytime, anywhere, and is no longer limited to the operation of the cell phone APP.


The mop can be lifted up to 20mm, so even shaggy carpets won’t get wet.

Redroad G20 PAD mop can be lifted up to 20mm, effectively cleaning the carpet dust below 20mm, making the carpet cleaner. The mop lifting height is 60% higher than other sweeping robots, making it easier to clean shaggy carpets under 20mm. Recognize the carpet by ultrasonic wave, activate the carpet booster mode, automatically increase the suction power, raise the mop, easy to clean the shag carpet up to 20mm, no need to worry about dirtying or wetting the carpet

All-in-one base station provides one-stop service

Redroad G20 PAD sweeper is equipped with an all-in-one base station, which can automatically collect dust, automatically clean the mop, dry the mop with hot air, sterilize the water by electrolysis, and automatically replenish the water tank.

  1. After cleaning, Redroad G20returns to the base station and automatically empties the dust box of garbage, effectively solving the problem of frequent cleaning of the dust box is troublesome, unhygienic and so on.
  2. During and after the cleaning process, Redroad G20will extract clean water to rinse the dirty mop, which not only ensures the clean mop to mop the floor, but also solves the trouble of washing the dirty mop by hand, which saves people’s heart.
  3. When the self-cleaning is finished, the base station heating module will blow out 60℃ hot air to dry the wet mop and base station, preventing bacteria and odor from growing due to moisture.
  4. Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot adopts the third generation electrolytic water sterilization technology, which can effectively sterilize the mopping cloths and floors, making the floors cleaner.
  5. 5.When there is not enough fresh water in the main body of the sweeping robot during the cleaning process, the base station will automatically add water to the main body water tank, which is heart-saving and considerate.


Powerful cleaning power and leading navigation and obstacle avoidance technology to make the room cleaner

PAD Sweeper G20 has powerful cleaning power, 4000Pa suction power and rotating mop can handle all kinds of cleaning challenges to make the floor cleaner. Thanks to the ROS system, the Redroad G20 uses LDS navigation and dual-line laser obstacle avoidance with TOF along-the-wall technology to ensure that the sweeper always cleans on the optimal route and effectively avoids multiple obstacles, giving you peace of mind and peace of mind.

The Redroad G20 PAD Sweeping Robot Base Station has a smart screen that operates everything directly instead of a cell phone, and is also equipped with a mop lift and an all-in-one base station to achieve true omnipotence and keep your room clean without having to do anything. The machine was officially launched on December 8 and is on hot sale at bestbuy with an original price of $899 CAD. It’s $100 CAD off during its debut, and ends up arriving at just $799 CAD.


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