Sergey Tokarev About the First STEM Ecosystem in Ukraine

Ukraine is making progress in the IT sector. Along with various initiatives to raise the technology development within the country, there are opportunities for women to explore more STEMscience, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Sergey Tokarev, co-founder and partner at a Ukrainian investment group Roosh, announced the launch of the first STEM ecosystem for Ukrainian women.

What is STEM is FEM?

Sergey Tokarev About the First STEM Ecosystem in Ukraine

STEM is FEM is a Ukrainian educational project initiated by Sergey Tokarev. The project’s main purpose is to allow Ukrainian girls to gain tech education and reveal opportunities in science and technology.

The project was launched in 2019. At that time, the team’s focus was on appealing to Ukrainian girls to explore science and technology. The project team introduced participants to women who have achieved great goals in STEM and provided the girls with more information about possible IT career paths.

To accomplish their goal, the STEM is FEM team implemented, among others, the art project SHE is SCIENCE. The art project involved Ukrainian illustrators who painted portraits of 12 famous Ukrainian female scientists. The paintings were presented at exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, including UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Over five years of project activities, STEM is FEM has engaged more than 500 girls.

Sergey Tokarev also mentions that In 2023, STEM is FEM was honored with the title of “Honorary Ambassador of Ukraine in the field of scientific and educational diplomacy” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

What is the goal of the STEM ecosystem?

Sergey Tokarev About the First STEM Ecosystem in Ukraine

The STEM ecosystem is the first one to be established in Ukraine. It will unite organizations, people, and ideas that promote education and careers in STEM. According to Elizaveta Korenko, the head of STEM is FEM, the team plans to unite 1,000 young Ukrainian women this year, and by 2030, we aim to reach 10,000.

The main focus of the project is to establish the functioning of three communities that include the ecosystem. The team will conduct regular meetings and provide girls with options for educational programs, internships, scholarships, and job opportunities.

Sergey Tokarev names three communities included in the ecosystem:

  • STEM is FEM Community for girls aged 14-22. The participants will have an exclusive opportunity to develop their hard and soft skills, receive mentorship support from the best representatives of the STEM field, as well as businesses and the government, and get consultations on employment and careers.
  •     Alumni STEM is FEM Club for young women over 22 years old who have previously participated in project activities and now want to develop their expertise and become mentors for younger participants.
  •     STEM is FEM Teachers Platform for teachers who teach STEM disciplines and aspire to improve their qualifications, deepen their knowledge of digitalization and soft skills, and receive mentorship support.

Moreover, the project team will invite Ukrainian and foreign specialists and mentors ready to share their knowledge and experience with participants from all three communities. The project will also collaborate with educational institutions, businesses, and the Ukrainian government.


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