Some Inspiring Ideas For Your Kitchen Renovation

If your home is more than a decade old it is probably beginning to show some wear and tear. Nothing lasts forever, and even a well-designed, well-constructed home can begin to fray around the edges. The room that tends to age the fastest is the kitchen simply because it gets so much use! The kitchen is often called the “heart of the home” and is a well-loved gathering space for families, but all that love can also wear things down, broken tiles, creaky cabinet doors, stoves with stuck dials and burners that no longer heat properly, rusty sink fixtures- the list goes on, and these things all add up until the kitchen no longer feels so warm and cosy anymore!

If your kitchen has grown run down and long in the tooth consider having a professional renovation performed on it! While individual areas might be possible to fix up with some DIY elbow grease, kitchens tend to age as a whole, when one part wears down, the rest do, too. A complete kitchen renovation is really a bit too much to bite off and chew for your average busy person who has to go to work and lead their lives, which is why you should get some professional help! Just ring up Aussie Electrical & Plumbing so their team of experts can pay your kitchen a visit to assess the situation, then provide you with a plethora of creative renovation options that can transform your tired old kitchen into an exciting new space the whole family will love to spend time in!

Here are some renovation ideas that might help you get inspired to remake your kitchen into a fun place to be again!

Kitchen Island – One of the chief complaints heard in the average kitchen is that there isn’t enough counter space! Putting in a kitchen island gives you more room to work on, plus it can add extra storage in the form of built in drawers and cabinet space. Whether this is a good option for your home’s kitchen will depend on the amount of space you have to work with, at least 115 centimetres of clearance on all sides is best to permit easy movement throughout the room. Once you have established the exact location, your team of plumbers and electricians can run the necessary pipes and wiring under the floor so that you can have an extra kitchen sink and a power supply for countertop appliances like electric mixers and crock pots!

Wall Bar – Most kitchens have a doorway leading into the dining room through the wall between them. Imagine taking out part of that wall so family members and guests can see into the kitchen and the cook can visit with them while they perform their culinary magic! It’s a space-expanding arrangement one might find in their favourite eatery, and while it does require some fairly heavy renovation work to open up the wall, the results are well worth it, connecting the kitchen and dining space together into a much larger, yet more intimate gathering place! Construct a narrow countertop along the kitchen side so the cook can stage food there to pass to the hungry onlookers sitting on stools along the bar that runs along the dining room side! It’s a great party, guaranteed, and chances are it will be so much fun no one will want to sit at the dining room table any more!

Light It Up – Another common complaint we hear around the kitchen is the lack of sufficient lighting. Most traditional kitchen designs come with an overhead fixture or maybe two, and that’s it! While they grant basic illumination, the cook often ends up having to squint through the dim shadows while they are chopping up the veggies, not a safe practice! Pull-down spotlights running on an overhead track provide great lighting right where you need it! Another easy lighting upgrade can be accomplished with under the cabinet lights to give those gloomy recesses the overheads can’t reach, a bright, friendly shine! Speaking of cabinets, you can add lighting to their interiors so you don’t need to grope around in the dark any more!

The Australian Government’s Your Home website has a lot of great suggestions on planning home renovations. We hope this article has given you some inspiring ideas to make your kitchen renovation the best it can be!



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