Successful Case Studies of Social Media Stores with Global Reach

Reading the success stories of others who have a widely accepted reach gives us goosebumps. When we are engaged in creating a famous and comprehensively known social media store, we should learn from other successful brands as to how they did it. Their history, marketing practices, offerings and services enable us to learn about them much more. By learning those things, we can apply them to our social media store. Or we can do better by improving our existing marketing strategies.

Therefore, there is no better place to read about the case studies of some successful social media stores than this post. 

Let’s start the conversation without facing any delays.

Top Known Case Studies of Social Media Stores With Global Reach

We’ll only talk about some famous social media stores which have high brand recognition and acceptance across the globe. 

Therefore, it will not be confusing and troubling to make a reasonable difference between your social media store strategy and these brand’s stories. 

Continuing the same, here are some compelling stories of successful social media brands with global reach.

1. The Success of Mercedes Benz

One of the widely known car brands today is rich and famous because it has used Social Media to empower its growth. 

There was a time when this brand was known only by a few. So, they tried to follow social media and started marketing themselves. 

Mercedes Benz collected all the famous and mid-level photographers who had compelling cameras and experience to take some excellent shots. 


This way, they started a campaign where they presented some of the best pictures of the company’s cars to the people. 

Those buyers and car lovers started liking their offers in an amazing style and charm. Consequently, every ear knows what Mercedes Benz means and how elegant those cars are.

2. Ever Heard The Efforts of Dove

The second most discussed case study in the history of social media success is Dove. 

Dove found out that women are mostly compressed and receive negative comments on social media about their bodies. 

They started a campaign with the hashtag #SpeakBeautiful, which broke all the records. There was a time when this hashtag received the most impressions and usage by various people. 

Resulting with that, Dove became a famous brand, and it was easier for Social Media Algorithms to find people spreading hate or using negative comments against women.

3. Ever Tasted Nutella Products?

A widely known brand for its awesome taste and delicious offerings to the worldwide people. 

Their reach is from Antarctica to Norway, and this brand is widely eaten, reviewed and loved by a large social media community. 


But ever wonder how they managed all this? For sure, by partnering with people on social media. Nutella inspires its followers to make videos and share them with their page while using the brand’s products. 

This not only increases brand awareness. But it also increases the followers’ growth on Nutella’s Social Media Store profiles across various social media channels. 

Do you know what? You can also do the same for your social media store to grow its followers on TikTok or Instagram, wherever you are operating.

4. Read The Story of Oreo

Oreo Shake is world famous and the brand itself. That’s because they have utilized social media to influence people to taste their unique cookies and other offerings. 


One of the key social media marketing practices Oreo follows is following the trends. This brand ensures that people get to taste their unique offerings over various trends. 

This way, Oreos are always making people’s lips, minds and tummies.

5. Jay Nike

If your social media store is starting from scratch, reading the successful case study of Jay Nike’s social media store will be very inspiring for your business. 

It’s a social media store growth marketplace that helps influencers and other low-level stores increase likes, followers, shares, and plays on a variety of social media platforms. 


They have followed the practices of Guest Posting, Link Building, Social Media Content Sharing and offering original and organic followers to their clients in making their name to this list and article. 

The brand is loved by those people who want to enhance their followers and reach potential customers over a short period. 

You can also take their services for your own social media store if you want to.

6. Case Study of Starbucks

A famous name in the list of top social media stores is Starbucks. They bring delicious in-store experiences for their customers and do comprehensive marketing through social media. 

One of the best practices that Starbucks follows in becoming a widely recognized brand is engaging with its audience at the upper level. 


They use hashtags, follow trends and contribute with influencers to achieve significant success. 

Besides, Starbucks also influences people to make user-generated content and follow such content in their marketing campaigns.


These case studies will never end because there are thousands of social media brands to discuss. But what common practice we can grab here from all these social media brands is what they follow most commonly. This is what we call finding the user intent and their needs and giving them the highest priority. If you can follow all these steps, you can become a part of this list, too. And if you are not following enough practices to make a difference, start today before it’s too late!



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