Susannah Demaree Smith- Get to Known Her Net Worth and Family.

Susannah Demaree Smith is the wife of Ilan Mitchell- Smith, a former American actor and an academic. She is a mother of two children, Asher-Smith, and Eloise Smith.

Susannah Demaree met her husband at Santa Monica College in Santa Monica, California. They became friends, dated for a while, and made it official in 1995.

Despite being a celebrity’s wife, little is known about Susannah Demaree Smith. Information about which schools she studied in, if she went to the university and what she pursued is unknown. Susannah has also not revealed what she does for a living.

Her Husband

Susannah Demaree’s husband is known by most of his fans for portraying Wyatt Donnelly in the film Weird Science in 1985. Growing up, Susannah Demaree’s husband had a passion for ballet which he studied and managed to win a scholarship to dance at the School of American Ballet.

While studying, Susannah Demaree’s husband was discovered by a casting director, and he started his acting career at 12, featuring as Young Daniel in the film Daniel. Two years later, he starred in The Wild Life.

After his breakthrough in the acting career, Ilan Mitchell- Smith featured in several other films, including; The Equalizer, Superboy, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Chocolate War, and Identity Crisis, among others.

Susannah’s husband decided to leave acting in 1991, but then he came back in 2012, featuring in Axe Cop and most recently in The Goldbergs, where he played Mr. Connelly, a science teacher.

Susannah Demaree’s husband’s Other Interests

Other than acting, Susannah Demaree’s husband is an academic, receiving his A.B in Medieval Studies from the University of California and his M. in the same from Fordham University. Ilan Mitchell- Smith also received a doctoral degree in 2005 from Texas A & M University.

Susannah Demaree’s husband worked as a professor at Angelo State University in Texas before becoming an associate professor at California State University, Long Beach teaching in the English department.

Ilan Mitchell has also done some publishing on Dungeons & Dragons cinematic and video games, which are versions of medieval culture. Mitchel also works as an editor and technical writer for smaller game producers. Additionally, Susannah Demaree’s husband is a tabletop gamer, organizing tabletop games in Southern California.

Net Worth

Susannah Demaree’s net worth is unknown as she has not revealed what she does to earn a living. But on the other hand, her husband was an actor and an academic, and he must have gained something from what he did. Ilan Mitchel’s estimated net worth is three hundred thousand dollars.

Social Media

Susannah Demaree seems like a person who likes keeping a low profile, as it is unknown if she is active on any social media platforms. No accounts of her have been found on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter.

Susannah Demaree’s husband also seems not to like the social media presence; despite having an Instagram account, he had posted only 27 times, and most of his posts were photos of him when he was young.

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