Top-paying engineering jobs

Many people decide to pursue careers in engineering not only because they have the skills for this type of work but also because the jobs tend to be very well-paid. The government has actively encouraged more people to apply for Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics (STEM) roles to increase the talent pool in this area. Certain universities have a particularly good reputation in the field of engineering too.

While many roles in engineering are well established and have been for many decades, others are more recent developments. For example, the increasing attention on renewable energy and other areas of the so-called ‘green economy’ has opened up opportunities for engineers in this area. Other movements include encouraging more women into STEM to improve gender balance in these areas.

Here’s what you need to know about top-paying engineering jobs.

Top-paying jobs include

Engineering spans many different sectors, with each role requiring a combination of general and specialist skills. For example, a mechanical engineer will need an understanding of moving parts, while a nuclear engineer will need someone skilled in navigating nuclear systems. However, both will require mathematically minded individuals who are good at project management amongst other things. Having experience with CAD design software is another example of a skill that can be interchangeable across fields.

Some of the top-paying engineering roles include:

  • Petroleum engineering:This is amongst the top-paying roles in engineering, where workers help to extract hydrocarbon deposits such as oil and natural gas. Engineers are involved in the planning process, helping to construct boreholes and oil wells.
  • Biomedical engineering:Combining biology and medicine, this sector of engineering involves working on products and methods that can enhance human health. This sector is tapping more and more into innovative technologies that are involved in the medical space.
  • Electrical engineering:This type of engineering tends to involve working alongside those in different sectors, such as the mechanical and energy sectors. Their role revolves around circuit diagrams and testing installations, with much of this being done through computer software.
  • Civil engineering:Towns and cities depend on civil engineers. Their role is to develop infrastructure such as bridges and transport links, which are key to the smooth-running of society.
  • Mechanical engineering:This type of engineering revolves around almost anything that moves – think engines, lifts, electric generators, turbines and more. The goal is to design, test and finalise various moving products that we use in our day-to-day.
  • Aerospace engineering:This is amongst the top-paying engineering roles and involves designing and testing missiles and spacecraft. Much of this centres around the creation of prototypes.
  • Robotics engineering:This is an emerging field that involves complex problem-solving skills to design and create robotic systems. As we progress towards an increasingly automated world, demand will increase.
  • Nuclear engineering:This is one of the top-paying engineering roles available due to a global urgency to diversify energy systems as we move away from non-renewable sources.


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