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If you have captivating travel stories to share, LucyKingdom welcomes your contribution to expand our website and offers author credits. Read our “Travel Write for Us” guidelines below to submit your guest post and have your article published!

Travel Write for Us

We are always open to welcoming contributors who want to share their knowledge, experiences, and advice with the travel community. Our audience is eager to discover practical insights and actionable tips about the latest innovations in travel and the inspiring individuals behind them. In essence, we seek articles that empower others on their own growth and transformation journey.

Guidelines for Submission

Please ensure that your content relates to vacations, travel destinations, seasonal travel, or theme travel. The article body should consist of at least 800 words, with a maximum word limit of 2,000. Your article must be unique and not duplicate existing content. We only accept authentic and original submissions. Duplicate or spun articles are not allowed, as they violate Google’s guidelines.

Please provide us with original content. We do not accept articles related to adult content, drugs, alcohol, or copyrighted material. Make sure your article aligns with our niche. You may include one link in the article body, including the author resource.

You will receive a backlink from LucyKingdom. Once your article is published, it cannot be removed from our website. To submit your article, simply email us at We will review your article and backlink details and inform you of its acceptance.

Once your post is published, we kindly request that you share it across your social media channels within 48 hours of publication. Please note that you will receive a response to your query within 24 hours. Before submitting your post, carefully read our “Write for Us Travel” guidelines.

Topics & Types of Posts

Here are the suggested topics and types of posts we accept:

  1. Travel guides for major cities, destinations, and vacations.
  2. Road trips and weekend getaways in your state.
  3. Travel tips, seasonal travel advice, and the latest travel news.
  4. Exploring Himachal Tourism and local destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

Style Guidelines

To ensure that your article gets published, please follow the checklist below for our travel write for us section. It will help you write an SEO-optimized article:

  • Title: Choose a title that relates to the core keyword.
  • Additional Keywords: Include additional keywords in Heading 2 and Heading 3.
  • Targeted Keyword: Use the targeted keyword at least 3-4 times. If it doesn’t fit naturally, break it down or use related words within the same paragraph.
  • Placement of Targeted Keyword: Include the targeted keyword in the first 100 words, middle of the article, and last 150 words.
  • Related Keywords: You can use related keywords as headings or within the content.
  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Use keywords where they make sense, without overdoing it.
  • Concise Writing: Keep your article concise and avoid adding unnecessary fluff.

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