Virginia Springsteen Shave’s Personal Life, Siblings, and Net Worth

Virginia Springsteen Shave is the younger sister of American songwriter and singer Bruce Springsteen. She was born in 1950 in Long Branch, New Jersey, to Douglas Frederick Springsteen, a bus driver, and her mother, Adele Ann Zerilli, a legal secretary. Virginia was named so by her parents in memory of her aunt, who died in 1972, aged five, after being struck down by a truck.

Personal Life

Virginia Springsteen is a married woman; she met the love of her life Mickey Shave when they were both young and kickstarted their romantic life. Mickey worked in the construction sector and was laid off at one point. Despite the challenges they went through as a couple, they stayed together.

Virginia was just seventeen when she became pregnant. However, her parents were so supportive, and she married her then-boyfriend. Together with Mickey, they are blessed with three children, a son and two daughters. Virginia and Mickey have stayed together for over fifty years and often spend time with their grandchildren

Her Siblings

Virginia Springsteen Shave has two siblings, and both are well-known became of their successful careers. Her older brother Bruce Springsteen is a singer, and he even recorded and released a song, The River, about his sister Virginia. While recording the song, he remembered Virginia’s struggles with her boyfriend as a young couple. Pamela Springsteen is Virginia’s other sibling; she was born in 1962. Pam started as an actress before switching to photography.

Her Brother’s Music Career

Bruce Springsteen started his music career in 1964 after finding inspiration from the Beatles. He bought his first guitar and started performing with a band called the Rogues; he joined other bands and could perform in clubs. While doing all this, he tried to balance his education and music. Despite his unique style of music, Virginia’s brother struggled for success in the music industry.

In 1972, Bruce signed a deal with Columbia Records, which expected him to record music as a solo artist. However, Virginia’s brother brought his former bandmates to form a band. He released several songs and some albums, but his breakthrough came in 1975 with his third album, Born to Run. The album achieved great success, and consequently, Bruce rose to fame.

In the 1990s, Bruce released some great hits and albums, including Lucky Town, Human Touch, and the song Streets of Philadelphia, for which he won an Academy Award.

Social Media and Net Worth

Virginia Springsteen Shave does not like media publicity and loves to live low-key. She is not active on most social media platforms, but she has a personal account on Facebook where she posts pictures of herself and her family.

What Virginia does to earn a living is unknown; therefore, it is not easy to estimate her net worth. However, some sources say that she has a net worth of five hundred thousand dollars. On the other hand, her brother has been in the music industry for over five decades and has made good fortune. His net worth is 650 million dollars.

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