4 online games to try out

If you’re looking for a new online game to try out, there are endless options to choose from. In fact, whittling it down can be a task in itself. Here are some suggestions to get you started.


Bingo has a strong history that dates back to 16th-century Italy and is one of the UK’s favourite games. The premise involves being the first person to cross off all the numbers on your bingo card and shouting ‘BINGO!’ if you achieve this. Today, you can still play it in bingo halls, however, many enjoy playing online bingo from their phones and other devices.

Online iterations of bingo allow you to play classic games as well as unique, spin-off games so that you can mix things up. Plus, the social element of online bingo is brought to life with chat rooms and other social functions.


Chess is a game of logic that challenges even the most mathematically minded person. The game itself can be played over a longer period of time too, making it a good alternative to watching TV or scrolling on your phone.

In fact, its benefits have resulted in the government announcing funding so that more people can play it across the country. Not everyone has the means to play a game of chess in person or with another player, however, so online chess is a great place to start honing your skills. You can select a difficulty level and either play against an automated player or another person across the world.


Sudoku is a puzzle with a strong history, having been featured in newspapers and magazines for decades. Today, you don’t need to wait for a new issue to be able to dive into a new puzzle. Online sudoku is a great choice for anyone wanting to challenge themselves with a numbers-focused online game. You can often choose the difficulty level so that puzzlers of all abilities can get stuck in.

The aim is to fill a partially completed grid of 9 x 9 spaces using numbers one to nine. It’s a logic-based puzzle that requires strong visual skills. If you need something to stimulate your brain, you won’t go too far wrong with this classic game.


The origins of Wordle began in Wales when a Welsh software engineer created the game for his girlfriend. The evolution of Wordle reached its peak near the end of 2021 when the game went viral. The simple premise of the game translated perfectly onto social media, where fans of the game would share their results and discuss tactics. Off the back of its success, he sold the game to The New York Times for a seven-figure sum.

Although it may not be hitting the headlines or sparking conversations in the same way anymore, it still serves as a solid game for those who enjoy flexing their vocabulary and linguistic skills.




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