Asher Hendrix Boyle, Personal Life and Net Worth

It does not come as a surprise why Asher Hendrix Boyle is popular at such a  tender age after knowing that he is the son of two famous Hollywood personalities Lynn Collins and Matthew Boyle. Today, we will tell you everything about Asher Hendrix Boyle.

So, continue with us and find out the information about early life, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, children, love life, earnings, and all other details about Asher Hendrix Boyle.

Personal life

In 2015, Lynn Collins and Matthew Boyle embraced parenthood together for the first time with the birth of Asher Hendrix Boyle. Like his parents, Asher Hendrix Boyle also holds American nationality.

Besides this, not much information is available about the early life of Asher Hendrix Boyle. Also, you will not get anything significant about his love life because Asher Hendrix Boyle is not old enough to have that kind of life. Right now, he is just a little boy of 8 years old.

Parents and siblings

Asher Hendrix Boyle is the only son of his parents Lynn Collins and Matthew Boyle, who could remain married only for 2 years. His parents got married in 2014 and, just after 2 years in 2016, they decided to separate. Asher Hendrix Boyle does not have any siblings. However, he has a few step-siblings from his mother.

Moving on to the professions of his parents, both of them are renowned personalities in the American film industry.


Asher Hendrix Boyle is not at the age to have kids. He is just an 8 years old little boy, so he does not have any kids.

Education and profession

Let us be straightforward and tell you directly that no information is available on the educational background of Asher Hendrix Boyle. With the fact that he is 8 years old today, we can assume that he has definitely started his educational journey and would be in his early classes. Needless to say the little boy is yet to start his professional journey.

Reason for the popularity of Asher Hendrix Boyle

No doubt the only reason for the popularity of Asher Hendrix Boyle is his parents, Lynn Collins and Matthew Boyle, who are renowned personalities and have achieved great success in their respective careers. Other than that, they’re also active on social media. This also helps Asher Hendrix Boyle to attract public attention.

Net worth of Asher Hendrix Boyle

Can an 8-year-old little boy have a profession and net worth? Absolutely not. The same goes for Asher Hendrix Boyle. He does not have any profession as of now and has no net worth either. As of 2023, his mother alone is said to have a huge net worth of around 5 million, which she has earned through her acting career.


Since Asher Hendrix Boyle has been enjoying the spotlight of media and public attention right since his childhood, he is very used to it today. Whenever he comes in front of the camera, he smiles and greets everyone nicely and we really love this gesture of his.


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