Alexander George Hesterberg III, Personal Life and Net Worth

Alexander George Hesterberg III is a celebrity spouse, best known for being the husband of American TV actress Liza Huber. Despite being a celebrity husband, Alexander George Hesterberg III maintains a low profile. However, today we tried to find out some significant life details about him.

So read the article further and unfold the details about early life, childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, love life, children, and many other such details about Alexander George Hesterberg III.

Personal life

Since Alexander George Hesterberg III himself is not a celebrity and is best known because of his wife, no information is available about his early life. The only thing we can be sure about his basic information is that he is an American and the names of his parents are Valerie and Alexander Hesterberg.

Speaking of the love life of Alexander George Hesterberg III, he fell in love with American TV personality Liza Huber. After being in a relationship for a couple of years, the couple got hitched in 2004 and have been together since then and enjoying marital bliss beautifully.

Parents and siblings

Alexander George Hesterberg III is the loving son of Valerie and Alexander Hesterberg. As you already know that there is not much available about the family background of Alexander George Hesterberg III, nothing is available about the personal as well as professional lives of his parents. Also, you will hardly find any information about the siblings of Alexander George Hesterberg III.


The blissful married life of Alexander George Hesterberg III yielded 4 children to him and their names are Royce Alexander Hesterberg, Brendan, Hayden, and Mason. Besides the names, nothing much is available about his kids.

Education and profession

Like the family background of Alexander George Hesterberg III, his educational background is also a mystery. However, it is pretty sure that he has received a top-level education in his life because he is today a Chief Customer Officer at Turbonomic.

Reason for the popularity of Alexander George Hesterberg III

Definitely, Alexander George Hesterberg III is quite successful in his professional career and has achieved a massive level of success as well. However, the thing that makes him a famous personality is his wife, Liza Huber, because she is a renowned celebrity and also very much active on social media. She keeps sharing her drool-worthy couple pics.

Net worth of Alexander George Hesterberg III

Considering the profession of Alexander George Hesterberg III, you can make an assumption about his net worth because he himself has not dropped any details regarding his net worth. As for the net worth of his actress wife, she is valued to be around 1.5 million right now, and the main source of her earnings is obviously her acting career.


Alexander George Hesterberg III must have something charismatic and outstanding in his personality. Else, he could not have been able to win the heart of an actress. The couple has been together for around 20 years and this is a really big thing.

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