Who was Barbara Gomez Beach?

Barbara Gomez Beach was the mother of American actor Michael Beach who most fans of the television show The 100 can recognize as Charles Pike. She had four children whom she raised as a singer-mother. Her husband, whose name is unknown, was absent from Barbara’s life and their children’s lives, but she raised her children the best way she could.

Barbara was educated; she had a Bachelors of Arts degree from UMass Boston. She also studied for her Master’s course in city planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She used her earnings as a city planner to make ends meet for her four children.

Her Son

Barbara’s son started acting in 1986, appearing as Sonny in Streets of Gold, but the following year, he appeared in End of the Line and Lean on Me alongside the veteran actor Morgan Freeman. His other early film projects include The Abyss, Internal Affairs, Dangerous Passion Guilty as Charged and Late for Dinner.

In 1995, Michael Beach appeared alongside actress Angela Bassett in Waiting to Exhale. In the movie, he portrayed John Harris Sr, Angela’s unfaithful husband. The film was a success and opened the door for more acting roles. Michael went on to appear in films such as Hell Ride, First Sunday, Made Men, and Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

On television, Barbara’s son portrayed Detective Desmond Beck from 1994 to 1995 in Under Suspicion. In 2006’s Without a Trace, Michael played the role of Chuck Barr. He also had a recurring role on The 100. Michael also made guest appearances on several tv shows, including Grey’s Anatomy, The Blacklist, Law & Order, Brothers & Sisters and Criminal Minds.

In 2023, Michael Beach is set to feature as Detective Burke in the film Shelby Oaks, and later in October, he will be part of the cast in the movie Saw X. Besides, Barbara’s son is still active in the acting industry. He will feature in more projects in future.

Is Barbara’s Son Married?

Barbara’s son has been married twice; her first married Tracey Beach in 1998, but their marriage ended eight years later. While together, they had four children. After divorcing Tracey, Michael did not stay single for a long time. He married actress and businesswoman Elisha Wilson in 2007; the couple has been together for over 15 years and has four children.

What is the Net Worth of Michael Beach?

Barbara Gomez Beach’s son has been in the acting industry for close to 4 decades. During this time, Michael has appeared in many television shows and films and has made good fortune for his many roles. Micheal Beach has a net worth of around three million dollars.


Barbara Gomez Beach died peacefully at her home on April 30, 2017. Her son did not mention the cause of her death, but he often celebrates her, and whenever he posts her picture on Instagram, he says how much he misses her. Upon her death, Barbara was survived by her four children, over ten grandchildren and some great-grandchildren.

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