Learn Everything About Carina Rose Mariano

Carina Rose Mariano is a celebrity kid; her parents are American television personalities Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich. She was born on December 10, 2010, and as of February 2023, she is 12 years old. Carina is not the only child of her celebrity parents; she has three sisters Adelina Rose, Isabetta, and Lucia Rose.

When Carina Rose was born, her father announced to his audience of the new member of the family. Rob mentioned that he expected a boy, but he was happy with his daughter; he jokingly said that he was now outnumbered because it was three against one.


After coming of age Carina Rose started attending school, but her parents have instead kept the name of the school she attends from the public. Given her age, Carina Rose Mariano is in middle school in one of the best schools in the estate they live.

Her Parents and Their Marriage

Carina Rose’s parents met on the Survivor reality competition, and after partnering on some shows, they started liking each other and dated for a while before marrying. When they wanted to get married, the show gave them money for their wedding ceremony. They chose Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

Several stars attended their wedding, and it was a memorable moment. Carina’s parents’ wedding was aired on TV; they felt it necessary to be aired because most of their fans watched them fall in love while participating in the competition

Carina Rose’s Parents’ Careers

Carina’s parents are known for their participation in the reality competition Survivor. Rob joined the competition when it was in its fourth season, but he didn’t win. On his second entry into the contest, Carina’s father partnered with Amber Brkich, and he finished as the runner-up after Amber.

Rob Mariano did not give up on the competition; he continued participating and won it in 2011. Carina’s father is among the few who appeared in the competition as a contestant and mentor. Besides Survivor, Carina’s parents have had roles in different shows, including Secret Celebrity Renovation.

Net Worth

Carina Rose Mariano does not work since she was young; however, her parents have made good fortune through their careers, having participated in a reality competition with each of her parents winning once. The prize for winning the competition was 1 million dollars, which means her parents won a combined 2 million.

Rob and Amber have a combined net worth of approximately 3 million dollars. Carina Rose is being pampered with her parents’ money and provided for everything she may need.

Social Media

Carina Rose’s parents have not allowed her to be on social media but instead focus on her studies. However, you can find many pictures of Carina on her parents’ social media accounts. Her father likes posting pictures of his four daughters every time they are on vacation or a family date. From the photos Carina Rose’s father posts on Instagram, you can tell she is a happy girl, and her parents are taking care of her well.

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