Benefits of Investing in Bodrum Real Estate

Bodrum is the name of the peninsula in the south-west end of Turkey in the Aegean Sea as well as the main city of this region. And the city of Bodrum is one of the best possible locations for international investments in real estate. One who decides to buy property in this city does not only make a great investment, but also, may buy a ticket into a luxury way of life. Property investment business in Bodrum may propose to its potential customers a big number of different proposals with budget housing for minimal prices up to multimillion-dollar houses with personal pools and marinas. And will be able to enjoy a lot of different activities for your entertainment and amusement with beautiful restaurants and shopping malls in the area.

Advantages of geographical position of the Bodrum

Being rightfully among the most popular resorts in Turkey Bodrum has a nice and warm climate. The warm season here lasts for nine months. But it is never too hot due to the cool sea breeze. With these unique conditions the popularity of Bodrum rose among golf players and sailing enthusiasts – the golf season could last up to eight months straight on the peninsula.

To better emphasize the historic heritage of the region and geographical location close to the state of Greece the overall architecture of the city must obey the simple rules and be completed in similar style – two or maximum three-storey buildings in white color. This not only gives a wonderful look to the city but helps to appreciate the beauty of the surrounding nature.


Advantages of buying property in Bodrum

Let us name several properties of the location that may be the main reason for you to seek more proposals for properties for sale in Bodrum. We will start with financial reasons:

  • Investment property in Bodrum is a profitable investment in the light of constant and steady price increase for the last several years up to 8-10 % per year.
  • Up to 80 % of all property is owned by the locals. That means that the demand stays high, and the prices would remain growing long term. It became very popular to have a vacation house, flat or villa in Bodrum.
  • That level of popularity guarantees high returns in case you would like to buy some property with the idea to rent it for steady income.
  • Also, the high prices for property leads to a big amount of taxes for the region and great infrastructure. 

That leads us to one more thing that we can put as an advantage – the comparatively small size of the peninsula, you would be able to drive through in about hour and a half – means that the local airport is just half hour away from your property regardless of the price, location and how close it is to the seashore. Also, such compact territory with such great property prices generates a lot of taxes for the government to invest in infrastructure and the quality of life improvements of the region. The same reason stands behind the high density of high-end attractions like luxury restaurants, brand clothes stores and different shops with exclusive products.


One more thing that this magnificent region is famous for – are sailing activities, which includes yacht and sailing sport and wide infrastructure for personal use as well. With its unique geographical conditions and marinas in almost every bay of the peninsula, the Bodrum has all the needed infrastructure for private yachts and rental yachts and sailboats. This leads to special villas with personal marinas, of hotels with these services and the rise of popularity of sailing as a sport and as a hobby. And the fact that the cost of maintenance of the yacht here is much more affordable as the cost of life overall in comparison with European countries.

Like all the property in Turkey – real estate in Bodrum can provide you with the possibility of getting citizenship under a simplified procedure. Also, the property in possession gives you the right to start a business in the country. And after the process of receiving citizenship is over you can sell your flat, house or villa and remain a citizen of Turkey. 

Should you buy the property in Bodrum?

Before the conclusion we would like to point out that not all the parts of Bodrum peninsula are available for foreigners to buy property – the western bank that directly faces the Greek isles is available exclusively for local people. But the whole city of Bodrum should be more than enough for anyone who would like to buy some personal residence or perhaps make some potential investment. The number of proposals on the property market available for purchase, already existing and still developing high quality of infrastructure and wonderful nature make sure that your investment will only gain value over time with the possibility of generating steady income in the meantime.


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