Facts About Actress Roxie Roker’s Mother: Bessie Roker

Bessie Roker was the mother of American actress Roxie Roker. She lived in Miami, Florida, with her family, but she was originally from Georgia. Bessie was married to Albert Rocker, a porter; they had one known daughter, Roxie; it is unclear if they had any other children. Bessie worked as a domestic worker, and it was hard providing for her family.

Her Daughter

Despite the poverty she grew up in, Bessie’s daughter soldiered on and became a successful actress. Before venturing into the acting industry, Roxie did several jobs. She then joined Negro Ensemble Company, where she worked as a stage actress; she became successful with the company, having appeared in several plays.

She was part of the cast of 1972’s The River Niger, where she portrayed Mattie Williams; for her performance in the play, Roxie was nominated for a Tony Award and an Obie Award, which she won in 1974. Bessie’s daughter’s acting career flourished in the 1970s when she started landing several roles.

Roxie appeared as Mrs. Winston in the film Claudine. Her other movie and show credits include Making of a Male Model, Amazon Women on the Moon, A Different World, Punky Brewster, and Murder, She Wrote. Besides acting, Bessie’s daughter was involved in community work as she advocated for children’s rights.

Her Daughter’s Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Bessie Roker’s daughter was married and divorced once. Roxie married Sy Kravitz, a television producer, and they had one son together. However, their marriage ended in 1985 after spending over 20 years together. The reasons for their separation were never mentioned.

The couple’s son and grandson of Bessie Roker, Lenny Kravitz, is an actor, singer, and songwriter. His music incorporates many genres, but he is more of a rock star, and he is a Grammy Award winner for his rock music. Besides music, Bessie’s grandson has succeeded in the acting industry and has been featured in several shows.

If Bessie Roker were alive, she would have been proud of the achievements of her grandson, both in his music and acting career. He has also had a great love life.

What is Bessie’s Daughter’s Most Notable Role on Television?

Roxie’s appearances on the sitcom The Jeffersons made her famous, and her fans always looked up to see her in the next episode. She appeared on the show for ten years, from 1975 to 1985. Besides her television roles as an actress, Bessie’s daughter worked as a reporter for WNEW-TV and hosted a show for the same station.

Is Bessie’s Daughter Still Alive?

Roxie Roker is not alive; she died six years later after the death of her mother on December 2, 1995, in Los Angeles, California. Bessie’s daughter had been battling breast cancer for some time, but she, unfortunately, succumbed to the disease.


Bessie Roker died on March 1, 1989, aged 76, in Los Angeles, California. Her family did not release an official statement on the cause of her death, but she probably died of breast cancer. Bessie’s body was buried at Southern Memorial Park in North Miami, Florida, the United States of America.

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