Find Out Who Ashleigh Molinere is

Ashleigh Molinere is the wife of television personality and martial arts fighter Jay Paul Molinere. Most details about her are not on the internet, so her date of birth is unknown.

Regarding her personal life, it is unclear when she started dating Jay Paul, but they have been together for over ten years. Ashleigh has four children with her husband: Jayden, A’niyiah Nikole, Enleigh Jay, and a younger son whose name is unknown.

Her Husband

Ashleigh’s husband followed in the footsteps of his father. He started training when he was three. Jay’s father was crucial in everything he knew about boxing and martial arts. In boxing, Ashleigh’s husband had participated in over 30 matches, winning many. Besides, he has several awards from his boxing career.

In 2008, Ashleigh’s husband participated in the Gulf Coats Boxing Championship, winning the title. The following year he was awarded a Golden Glove. Jay is also into mixed martial arts; he has been a fighter for a long time, taking after his father. Undoubtedly, he has also made a name for himself in mixed martial arts.

Besides boxing and martial arts, Jay is a television personality; he appeared in over 70 shows of Swamp People before quitting in 2014. He appeared on the show alongside his father. As of now, Ashleigh’s husband is a gator hunter and sometimes takes his children to hunt with him.

Jay’s Accident and Controversies

When Ashleigh’s husband was ten years old, he suffered a fatal accident that led to a deep fracture. He was in a coma for three days, and the doctors thought he would not make it and, if he did, would not be able to talk well. However, Jay woke up from his coma after three days, and contrary to the doctor’s fears, he was okay and could talk and walk normally.

In the past, Ashleigh’s husband found himself on the wrong side of the law after assaulting a man at a store on Bourg-La Rose Highway. After he heard that the police were looking for him, he presented himself at the police station. However, he was released after some time and after paying a fine.

What is Her Husband’s Net Worth?

Ashleigh Molinere’s husband is a talented individual involved in many things. Besides, he runs some family businesses and must have made good money to feed his family and care for his wife’s needs. Some sources cite his net worth of 2 million dollars, but he has yet to set the records straight about his wealth.

Social Media

Ashleigh Molinere is not active on social media, but her husband sometimes posts her on his Instagram account. He posted a picture of her on Mother’s Day in 2022 with a caption saying the children and he loves her. Her husband’s Instagram handle is @_livinlife_, and he has a good following.

Jay Paul does not like posting many personal details on his social media accounts, but he sometimes publishes pictures of her four children.

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