Buy your Own Rig & Haul Freight Across Australia – Freedom & Independence

We live in a huge country and haulage by road is an integral part of 21st-century living; we all see those huge rigs pulling double trailers, hauling everything from food to farming equipment. Many truck drivers own their rig and they make a very good living freelancing and enjoying the freedom and independence that comes with owning/driving your own tractor unit.

Major Investment

Yes, buying a tractor unit is a major investment, whether new or second-hand and you have to factor in vehicle upkeep and maintenance; the best truck tyres ensure that you have traction when it matters. Crunch the numbers to find out how much per 1000 kg you need to charge to make a decent profit. Of course, you have many competitors, so pricing needs to be right, while reliability is a must in this business. If you aren’t sure if tyre caps are necessary, click here.

Business Registration

The first thing to do, once you have written your business plan, is to register your new venture with the Australian government; of course, you need to have the right driving licence to operate your truck, plus you need comprehensive insurance that covers your load, whatever that might be. Your truck must pass annual inspections to ensure roadworthiness and be prepared to spend money keeping the rig roadworthy.

Online Marketing

We are living in a digital world and your marketing efforts are best carried out online; search for wholesalers that haul freight and email your resume and prices; once you make connections, a reliable service should retain the contract; look at this from the client’s perspective, if you make your services available for the right price, you will attract interest and once you are in, focus on providing a great service. One idea is to approach a digital marketing agency and let the experts put together an ad campaign that reaches the right businesses.

Setting Goals

You might be happy driving a single unit or you might have plans to acquire another truck after a year; it is important to charter your path if you are looking to expand the business; it would require a sound relationship with a commercial lender to facilitate the purchase of additional rigs. Be customer-focused, reliable and on time and you should have no problems finding customers.

If you have done your homework and have a good business plan, there’s every reason to expect a level of success, it is vital that you have the funding to support the business in the early stages and maintain your truck at regular intervals and she will always be ready to haul cargo. Click here for how to obtain a heavy vehicle licence.

Bookkeeping is a must from day one and a local accountant can file your tax returns when the time comes; you can claim for many things and a good accountant will ensure that you pay minimum taxation.



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