Tire Valve Stem Caps: Are They Necessary?

Few components of your vehicle do more than your tires. They not only transport you all over your town and beyond, they accomplish this in all kinds of weather. Tire problems range from reduced fuel efficiency to decreased safety margins to the complete inability to drive. Each component of your tire, including the tire valve stem cap, serves an important purpose.

Small Parts and Big Results

You might notice from time to time that your tires have lost the cap that goes on the end of the valve stem. While this does not fall into the category of an emergency repair, it is something you should fix the next time you go to your auto parts store. This small part, usually costing under $10 for a pack, serves multiple functions:

  • Maintains proper tire pressure
  • Keeps out dirt and moisture
  • Prevents tire pressure alerts from lighting
  • Adds to the look of your car

While most tire valve stem caps come in basic black, you can have a little fun and add some color to the tires. You can dress up the look of your wheels with clever designs and colors that make the purchase more enjoyable. They could even serve as a nice gift for someone who appreciates such a statement.

Perhaps more importantly, the tire valve stem also regulates air pressure in your tires and allows you to put in or take out air. If this integral component becomes cracked, you will want to swap it out with a new stem. It remains good practice to replace valve stems whenever you change tires. As with caps, you can find the perfect valve stem for your vehicle. Search online or in the store for chrome, metal, plastic and tubeless valve stems. 

Minor Fixes and Low Prices

By keeping up with the details, you make your vehicle safer and more reliable. You do not have to spend a lot of money to make an essential repair. The more familiar you become with your entire tire system, the less likely you are to experience a system failure that leaves you stranded. With a few simple tools and products, you can repair many common problems associated with your tires. 

A tire valve stem core remover tool enables you to replace a malfunctioning valve. To replace the stem, you first must remove the old piece. This could involve a series of steps and in most cases, you will need to remove the tire from the car. Then completely deflate the tire as this makes the task easier and safer. The tool allows you to unscrew the old valve stem and clean the area of all small pieces of rubber and other debris.

You can then use the tool to install the new valve stem and hand-tighten the core. By exercising care, you will prevent causing damage to the stem. When buying this tool, you might benefit from the knowledge of a representative to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Shop today and find quality parts at fair prices.

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