Camden Harrison Sparks, Personal Life and Net Worth

Camden Harrison Sparks is one of those lucky kids, who are born into a celebrity family and get to enjoy stardom since their childhood. The young teenager is best known for being the son of American actor and comedian, Hal Sparks.

If you are interested to learn more details about Camden Harrison Sparks read the article further. Here, we’re going to discuss everything about Camden Harrison Sparks starting from his childhood to his education, parents to siblings, work to love life, profession to net worth, and just everything.

Personal life

Camden Harrison Sparks was born in 2011 as the son of Hal Sparks in the USA. This is the only information available about his early life. Not even the name of Camden Harrison Sparks’ mother is known. The father of Camden Harrison Sparks never bothered to disclose any details regarding this.

If you talk about the love life of Camden Harrison Sparks, the teenage boy is just 11 years old today. Given this fact, there is hardly a chance that he would be romantically involved with a girl.

Parents and siblings

The family background of Camden Harrison Sparks has been an absolute secret since his birth. The only known thing about his family background is the name of his father, that is Hal Sparks. Since he is the only son of his father, he obviously does not have any siblings to play with.

Speaking of the professions of his parents, his father is a popular American comedian and actor. On the other hand, nothing is known about the mother of Camden Harrison Sparks.


Considering the age of Camden Harrison Sparks, do you expect him to have a kid? obviously not!

Education and profession

Despite being a celebrity kid, nothing much is available about the personal life of Camden Harrison Sparks and this is why his educational background is also a mystery. Since Camden Harrison Sparks is just 11 years old today, we are pretty sure that he must be in school only. Owing to the age of Camden Harrison Sparks, we can say that he must not have started his professional career yet.

Reason for the popularity of Camden Harrison Sparks

The sole reason for the popularity of Camden Harrison Sparks is his actor father, Hal Sparks, who is a self-made star and has accomplished significant success in his


Net worth of Camden Harrison Sparks 

As you might expect, Camden Harrison Sparks does not have any net worth as of today because he does not have any profession to earn money. However, the young boy is living a luxurious life. All because of his father, Hal Sparks, who has managed to amass a huge net worth of around 2 million. A major chunk of his father’s earnings comes from his acting career.


This successful career of the father of Camden Harrison Sparks will definitely motivate him to achieve something big in his life too. Today, he is just a kid but he would surely like to become like his father one day.

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