Carol Antoinette Bennett, Personal Life and Net Worth

Carol Antoinette Bennett is a popular American painter and artist. She is popularly known for being the ex-fiance of musician Stevie J. Today, I’m here to tell you the details about Carol Antoinette Bennett.

So, read this article and find out information about Carol Antoinette Bennett including her early life, childhood, family, love life, work, education, net worth, and all other details.

Personal life

Carol Antoinette Bennett seems to maintain a low profile when it comes to her personal life. This is the reason that there is hardly any information available about the early life of Carol Antoinette Bennett. From her date of birth to the names of her parents, nothing is really known. If you talk about love life, it’s actually her romantic relationship with musician Stevie J that made her popular. She was in a relationship with the musician from 1996 to 1998. The couple had even gotten engaged. However, they never married. Besides this, she probably didn’t get into any other romantic relationship.

Parents and siblings

As we already said that there is hardly any information available regarding the childhood and early life of Carol Antoinette Bennett, the names of her parents, as well as siblings, are not known. Whether Carol Antoinette Bennett has any siblings or not is also not known.


Carol Antoinette Bennett is the mother of two kids including one daughter and one son. The name of Carol Antoinette Bennett’s son is Stevie Jordan Jr, while the daughter’s name is Savannah. She had both kids with her ex-fiance, musician Stevie J.

Education and profession

The education of Carol Antoinette Bennett is not known to the public, as she has never ever talked about her early life. Speaking of the profession of the stunning lady, she is a painter and artist by profession. She is an eminent painter and her works are showcased in several public collections including the Honolulu museum of art and the Hawaii State Art museum. The main topic for her paintings is water and recurring subjects like fishing nets and swimmers.

Reason for the popularity of Carol Antoinette Bennett

Apart from being a stellar artist, Carol Antoinette Bennett is also popular for being the ex-fiance of musician Steve J. .Though her relationship with the music sensation was only a couple of years, it grabbed a lot of media attention. The couple, Carol Antoinette Bennet and Steve J, were greatly loved by their fans.

Net worth of Carol Antoinette Bennett

Like many other things about her life, Carol Antoinette Bennett hasn’t revealed any details about her earnings and net worth either. With the fact that she is an established painter and artist, we just hope that she must have earned a huge amount of money in her career so far. Though it is not known in exact numbers. Her luxurious lifestyle indicates the same.


Carol Antoinette Bennett is a strong lady who took care of her both kids single-handedly. Not just that, she has managed her personal as well as professional life really well maintaining a perfect balance

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