Beverly Wood Ford, Personal Life and Net Worth

Beverly Wood Ford was a celebrity wife, who mainly garnered popularity because of her marriage to American singer and television host Tennessee Ernie Ford. Read this article and find out why the marriage of Beverly Wood Ford grabbed public attention.

Not just that, here we are going to talk everything about Beverly Wood Ford such as her early life, parents, education, childhood, work, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Beverly Wood Ford was born on 26th August 1921 in California USA. The names of Baverly’s parents are not known. Moving on to the love life of Beverly Wood Ford that is the main reason for her popularity. You might find it interesting that Beverly Wood Ford got married at the age of 68 to Tennessee Ernie Ford in 1989. At that time, her husband was 70 and she was 68.

It was the second marriage for her husband, but for Beverly Wood Ford, it was probably her first marriage. The couple started a beautiful journey in their later years but God had planned something else for them. They could remain together only for 2 years till the death of Ernie Ford. Beverly Wood Ford died 10 years later in 2001 at the age of 79 in California USA.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the early life of Beverly Wood Ford is a mystery to the public. Given the fact, there is no information available on these two topics.


Beverly Wood Ford was 68 years old when she got married. Owing to the fact, she did not have any kids. With the previous marriage of her husband, she had two stepsons and their names are Jeffrey Buckner Ford and Brion Leonard Ford.

Education and profession

Here again, you will hardly get any confirmed information. Since Beverly Wood Ford has never taken the curtains off her childhood, there is literally no information available about her education. It’s not just her education, but her profession is also under wraps. Beverly Wood Ford died but she never disclosed her profession to the public.

Reason for the popularity of Beverly Wood Ford

The main reason for her popularity was her marriage at such a late age. She started a new life at the age of 68 and enjoyed marital bliss for 2 years. Her marriage grabbed public attention at that time and made Beverly Wood Ford an overnight star. Besides that, the celebrity status of her husband also helped her to be popular among the public.

Net worth of Beverly Wood Ford

As the profession of Beverly Wood Ford is not known, how can one find out her net worth? However, it does not mean that Beverly Wood Ford lived an average life. She was the wife of the great American actor, Tennessee Ernie Ford, who was the owner of a huge net worth of around 1.5 million at the time of his death.


Beverly Wood Ford is one of those strong ladies, who listen to their hearts breaking every stereotype. She started her marital life at the age of 68 when people usually start thinking about quitting in their lives. She was indeed an immensely strong woman.

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