Facts You Don’t Know About Catie McCoy Francoeur

Catie McCoy Francoeur is the wife of the former American baseball player Jeff Francoeur. Catie and Jeff had known each other since they were young, and they eventually decided to tie the knot. Catie and her husband are close in age, and their marriage of fifteen years has made them a big happy family of six. Let’s find out more facts about Catie’s personal life!

Short Bio of Catie McCoy

Catie McCoy was born on March 24, 1984, to her parents. Her mother is called Cathy McCoy. Although her father’s name has not been revealed to the public, nor the place of birth, Catie’s parents have been married for forty-two years and are still in love.

Unfortunately, there are no clear records about the birthplace of Catie McCoy and her siblings, but according to reports, she first met her husband, Jeff Francoeur, in middle school. From the information, Catie possibly spent her childhood near her husband’s neighborhood in Georgia.

Catie met her husband in middle school, and fortunately, after several years, they were married in 2007. It is not clear which career Catie is involved in and her networth, but it seems she decided to focus her life on taking care of her four children.

Catie McCoy’s Children

Catie McCoy is a proud mother of four children. Catie gave birth to her first child on July 16, 2013, and named her Emma. Emma, now around nine years old, is the firstborn of a family of four. After two years, Catie and her husband welcomed another blessing of their son, who they named Brayden, on October 12, 2015.

Catie and Jeff got their third child in 2018, and they were blessed with a son on August 23, 2020, whom they named Camden. Catie and Jeff were grateful for their youngest child and expressed how she had undergone a miscarriage.

Catie and her husband are active on various social media platforms, and it is evident they are a big happy family from the constant images shared by the couple.

Catie McCoy’s Husband

Jeff Francoeur is the husband of Catie McCoy and is a recognized former baseball player. Catie’s husband was born on January 8, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, where he spent his childhood.

Jeff attracted the attention of many people when he first appeared in Major League Baseball on July 7, 2005. During that year, he played for the Atlanta Braves. His last time to engage in active baseball was in 2016 when he played for Miami Marlins. All his years in active baseball enabled him to grow his wealth.

Catie’s husband is currently working in the broadcast industry, and his net worth is estimated to be around $15-$20 million. Most of his wealth he accumulated while playing as a baseball player.

Catie and her husband met while in Middle school and decided to start dating in their final year of high school. After so many years of being close, they were unified in 2007, when they took vows to stay by each other’s side.

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