Trump 2024 Flag: Controversial Demonstrations at Walt Disney World


A recent incident at Walt Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida, has drawn attention as about 15 people displayed flags with Nazi insignia, while others showed support for Governor Ron DeSantis. This incident occurred amidst ongoing tensions between Disney and DeSantis. In this article, we will explore the details of the demonstration and the broader context of the Disney-DeSantis feud.

The Controversial Demonstration

On a recent day, a small group of individuals gathered outside Walt Disney World theme park with flags displaying Nazi insignia, while at least one person held a poster of Governor Ron DeSantis. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office responded to the demonstration, but no arrests were made. Two counter-protesters were also present during the event. Despite the offensive display, the Sheriff’s Office acknowledged that people have the First Amendment right to demonstrate.

Reactions and Condemnations

The incident has elicited strong reactions from the public and political figures alike. Lisa Gause, a sixth-generation Floridian who witnessed the scene, expressed her dismay, stating, “What is Florida — what is America coming to? We don’t want this going on.” Florida Representative Anna Eskamani condemned the presence of Nazis in Florida and the support they displayed for Governor DeSantis, emphasizing Florida’s commitment to diversity and opposition to bigotry and hate.

The Disney-DeSantis Feud

This demonstration adds to the ongoing feud between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis, which has been unfolding for over a year. The tensions escalated after Disney’s former CEO criticized a Florida law that restricted classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. In response, DeSantis signed legislation that curtailed Disney’s governing rights over the land encompassing Disney World. Disney retaliated by passing measures to undermine the new governing board’s authority.

In April, DeSantis announced new legislation to assert control over Disney and even suggested building a prison nearby. This led to Disney suing DeSantis and other government officials, accusing them of retaliating against the company for exercising its constitutional rights. The conflict intensified when Disney executives canceled the construction of a significant office complex in Orlando.

Governor DeSantis’ Presidential Ambitions

As the feud with Disney unfolded, Governor DeSantis announced his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. This decision followed a live Twitter event with SpaceX Founder Elon Musk. However, technical difficulties marred the online event.


The controversial demonstration at Walt Disney World involving Nazi flags and support for Governor Ron DeSantis has highlighted the ongoing feud between Disney and the Governor. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how this incident and the broader conflict will impact Florida’s political landscape and the 2024 presidential race. The First Amendment rights of demonstrators are acknowledged, but the offensive display has drawn widespread condemnation from individuals and organizations alike.

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