Who is Diana Rancourt-Borgnine?

Diana Rancourt-Borgnine is the daughter of American actor Ernest Borgnine. She was born on December 29, 1970, to the late actor and his fourth wife, Donna Rancourt. Diana has three older siblings Christopher, Sharon and Nancee.

Early Life and Personal Life

Diana’s parents divorced in 1972 when she was just two years old; it was tough for her to grow away from her dad, but he visited her sometimes. There are no details of which schools Diana attended, but she must have studied in schools in her hometown Los Angeles.

Regarding her love life, Diana Rancourt-Borgnine is yet to reveal who she is married to, as she has kept those details to herself. Besides, she is a private person, and it is hard to tell what is going on in her life; it is unclear if she has children.

Her Father’s Personal Life

Diana’s father married five women his entire life, with her mother being the fourth wife. His first marriage, which lasted nine years, was to Rhoda Kemins, and they had one daughter born in 1952. After their divorce in 1958, Diana’s father married his second wife, actress Katy Jurado with their marriage lasting four years.

Ernest’s third marriage was a mistake; he married Ethel Merman and were together for barely two months, and throughout that time, insulting each other. They agreed to end their marriage, and in 1965 their divorce was finalized. Ernest’s fourth marriage was to Diana’s mother, and they spent seven years together and had three children, a son and two daughters.

The reasons why Diana’s father divorced Donna Rancourt are unknown. Still, he went on to marry his fifth wife, businesswoman Tova Traesnaes, and they stayed in the marriage for almost 40 years until Diana’s father’s death in 2012.

Diana’s Father’s Acting Career

Before starting his acting career, Diana’s father had been in the US Army, and he also did a factory job, but he didn’t like it. His mother advised him to try stage acting, and in the late 1940s, he was already in theatre acting. Ernest made his Broadway debut in a play called Harvey. In most of his early films, Diana’s father played Villains; some of those movies include Vera Cruz.

Diana’s father gained more fame in 1953 when he portrayed Sergeant Judson in the film From Here to Eternity. For his performance in the movie Marty, Ernest Borgnine won an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1955. His other film projects include Law and Disorder, Convoy, The Trackers, Ripped Off, Emperor of the North Pole and The Neptune Factor.

On television, he appeared in two episodes of Captain Video and His Video Rangers in 1951. After that, he went on to appear in over fifty television shows. He appeared as Lieutenant Commander Quinton McHale in McHale’s Navy, and he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his role on the show.

Her Father’s Death

Diana’s father had kidney failure; he had battled the disease for six years before dying on July 8, 2012, aged 95. He died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by his family. His body was cremated.

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