Darrin S. Crowder- Get To Know Him

Darrin S. Crowder is the father of political commentator, media host, and comedian Steven Crowder. He is an actor and producer and has been crucial in Steven Crowder’s career. Darrin has always encouraged his son to pursue his passion. He is the producer of Steven’s YouTube show Louder with Crowder.

Regarding his personal life, Darrin married Francine Crowder, with whom he had two children, Steven Crowder, and Jordan. However, their marriage failed, and they separated. Steven posted a picture of his dad on Father’s Day and captioned it with sweet words.

Relationship With His Son

Darrin S. Crowder is very close to his son, and they have a great relationship. He often shows up to his podcasts, where they talk about political issues; he is a politics-lover and has influenced most of his son’s political views. Besides, Darrin is Steven’s producer on his YouTube shows, which can tell you how close they are.

His Son’s Career

Darrin’s son started his media career when he was 12, working as a voice actor in Arthur, a children’s television show. Before turning 18, Steven was already doing stand-up comedy. He has also acted in several shows, including To Save a Life, Greek, The Secret, and Covenant. Darrin’s son had a voice role in the show Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat.

Steven also worked as a master of ceremonies in several political events. After leaving FOX News, Darrin’s son started Louder with Crowder and which was picked by CRTV; its content was comedic and political. He now has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers and uses it to pass his political and comedic content.

With his show Louder with Crowder, Darrin’s son has violated online policies several times, and his YouTube channel has been suspended not once but several times. In 2023, Steve had an issue with The Daily Wire over demonetization.

Is Darrin’s Son Married?

Steven Crowder is a married man; he tied the knot with the love of his life, Hilary Crowder, in August 2012. They have been together for over ten years and have two children, twins born in 2021; a daughter called Charlotte and a son named Magnus, but he has kept them away from social media.

What is the Net Worth of Darrin’s Son

Darrin’s son has a net worth of 20 million dollars; he has made money through his career as a comedian and media host. Besides, Steven is also a YouTuber and earns a lot of revenue from his videos. Darrin’s son will continue making more through his endeavors, and his net worth will grow.

His Son’s Social Media Influence

Darrin’s son is active on all social media platforms, especially Instagram, where he posts videos of his podcasts. He also holds live shows on Instagram that touch on political issues. Besides, he has a large fanbase on Instagram and uses the platform to relay his views. On Instagram, Darrin’s son has over 1 million followers.

Steven Crowder also has a YouTube channel with close to 6 million followers. He posts most of his videos on the platforms for his fans to watch.



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