EA FC 24: Basic Defending Guide

In a fast-paced game like EA FC 24, watching pros play offense and score goals is usually the highlight of the game, and those cool plays are what we try to copy and repeat in our game. But what about defending? We all know how important it is to master the art of defending in EA FC 24.

Do you have what it takes to become the best defender in this game? Let us check out this basic defending guide for EA FC 24. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new player or someone looking to improve their foundations; I’m sure you will pick up a couple of important tips here and there from this guide!

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Formations and Positioning

Before we talk about skill and mechanics, we need to have our formation correct. What is the point of all the skill when your foundation itself is weak?

We are aware of the multiple formations available in this game, out of which a few are great for attacking, a few for defending, then there’s a narrow formation, a flat, wide, and a few others.

Make sure you properly understand these and try them out to know what is better; for example: a 4-3-2-1 formation is a proper balanced formation for most of the scenarios. But if you want a strong defense, you can go with a 5-4-1 formation.

Also, make sure your players are positioned properly; you can anticipate the opponent’s gameplay and position your players in such a way that it becomes easy for you to defend and take control of the ball.

Jockeying and Tackling

There are a few mechanics in this game that you must master to become the best defender. A couple of the important ones are Jockeying and Tackling.


Jockeying allows your player to play close to the opponent and defend while interrupting their movement and potentially stealing the ball. By default, the Jockey button is on L2. This default style of Jockeying works in most cases while defending.

Holding L2+R2 will allow your player to perform what is called speed jockeying, and just like the name suggests, your player moves faster while jockeying. This is a high-risk, high-reward kind of playstyle. There are high chances of you committing a foul with this playstyle, so use it carefully.


If there is no guarantee that jockeying is going to work all the time, then how else are you going to defend? That’s where tackling comes into play.

Like jockeying, tackling also has two types: standing tackle and slide tackle.

Tackling, too, should not be casually used whenever you want; there are advantages and disadvantages to this mechanic.

So mastering this technique is very important in becoming a good EA FC 24 player. Imagine a scenario where you tackle and fail to get the ball; that particular player is out of the game for a few seconds. You have to immediately switch to a different player and start defending.

Make sure to be mindful when using this mechanic. With slide tackle, you’re much more likely to commit a foul. So, it is recommended only for use in dire situations.


Make sure to practice the game as much as you can to quickly become better at it. It is not a quick process but it is definitely rewarding.

Try playing defensive drills within the game to improve your defensive skills. Do not forget that patience is key while defending.

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