Echo V. Aoki’s Family, Love Life, Education and Profession

Echo V. Aoki is the daughter of American-Japanese restaurant owner and wrestler Rocky Aoki. Her mother is Pamela Hilburger Aoki, and she was married to her father for a decade between 1981 and 1991. Echo Aoki has six siblings Devon, Steve, Kevin, Jenifer Crumb, Kyle N. Aoki and Kana Grace Nootenboom.

Personal Life

Talking about her personal life, Echo V. Aoki has been somewhat secretive about who she has dated; as of 2022, she was single, and it is unclear if she has got someone now. Besides, she has dated two men in the past but has not put details of her romantic relationships in public.

Echo and her three siblings, Grace, Kyle, and Kevin, were sued by their father in 2005 as they tried to take control of his companies. Details of how the case ended have never been revealed to the public.

Education and Profession

The school Echo V. Aoki attended is unknown, but her siblings went to school; she also must have attended one. For instance, her brother Steve Aoki attended Newport Harbor High School before joining the University of California. Moving on to her profession, Echo Aoki was into show business but has not revealed many details about what she does now.

About Echo’s Father

Echo V. Aoki’s father was born in Tokyo, Japan, where he attended school; as a teen, Rocky liked music and collaborated with his friends to form a band called Rowdy Sounds, but he did not stay with the band for long as he felt he was not good enough for the music industry. Echo’s father moved to athletics and actively engaged in wrestling activities.

In the 1960s, Rocky Aoki moved to the United States, where he participated in wrestling; he remained undefeated and was later offered wrestling scholarships in American colleges. As a wrestler, he participated in wrestling games in New York and achieved so much success, and in 1995, Echo’s father became a National Wrestling Hall of Fame as an inductee.

Besides wrestling, Echo V. Aoki’s father also involved himself in business activities. He worked in an ice cream truck and saved some money which he used to start a restaurant with the help of his father. Rocky Aoki and his father started Benihana, which later grew into a big restaurant in New York City.

Regarding his personal life, Echo’s father was married three times, and his seven children came from three women. Echo’s father was married to Keiko Ono Aoki at the time of his death.

Death of Echo’s Father

Echo’s father suffered from several illnesses in his last years, including liver cirrhosis, Hepatitis C and Diabetes. Rocky Aoki contracted Hepatitis C in 1979 during a blood transfusion after he was involved in a speedboat crash. He died due to pneumonia on July 10, 2008, in New York City, aged 69. His family took his body for burial in Tokyo, Japan.

Social Media

Echo V. Aoki is not active on all social media platforms but has a private Instagram account where she shares pictures with her followers and fans; she has slightly over a thousand followers.


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