Get to Know Dee Jay Mathis

Dee Jay Mathis is a former actress and dancer. She has remained famous thanks to her career and for being the ex-wife of actor James Caan. Dee Jay Mathis was born in 1941, and she spent most of her childhood in New Jersey, where she probably attended high school.

Personal Details and Career

In the late 1950s, Dee Jay Mathis had shown an interest in the entertainment industry, and she wanted to try her luck as a dancer and as an actress. She relocated to Los Angeles, where she met her future husband, James Caan; they were both starting, and none had made it in the acting industry. She appeared in some television and stage shows as a dancer and actress.

Since they had the same goal, Dee Jay Mathis and James Caan became close friends and often spent time together. Their friendship turned into romance, and they started dating in 1960 before getting married the following year. Dee Jay Mathis and her husband tied the knot in an event attended by family and friends.

Dee Jay Mathis’s marriage to James Caan lasted only five years, and they had one child together, a daughter named Tara A. Caan. It was speculated that it was because of James’s busy schedule that the couple separated; others also claimed that James was cheating on Dee Jay Mathis.

Life After Divorce

Upon her divorce from James Caan, Dee Jay Mathis has lived a quiet life away from the media attention. She has never mentioned whether she remarried or had any other kids. However, she continued involving herself in the entertainment industry, and with some support from her ex-husband, she could care for her children.

Dee Jay’s ex-husband married three times and had four children from the three women, including Scott Caan.

Her Ex-Husband

Dee Jay Mathis’s ex-husband began his acting career in the late 1950s, but he started appearing in plays and shows in the early 1960s. James made his Broadway debut in 1961 when he appeared in the play Blood, Sweat, and Stanley Poole. On television, Dee Jay’s ex-husband debuted in the show Naked City.

In the 1960s, James Caan appeared in several other television shows and films, including Route 66, Get Smart, The F.B.I., Death Valley Days, The Untouchables, Lady in a Cage, The Rain People, Countdown, and Games.

Dee Jay Mathis’s ex-husband had a successful career up to his death in 2022; he was consistent since he started his acting career up to the end, staying in the industry for over sixty years. His last project was Queen Bees, where he portrayed Dan Simpson. Dee’s ex-husband was arrested in 1994 after pulling a gun on a musical artist in Los Angeles.

Death of Her Ex-Husband

Before his death, Dee Jay Mathis’s ex-husband was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and coronary artery disease. He died of a heart attack at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center on July 6, 2022, aged 82; his body was laid to rest at Eden Memorial Park Cemetery in Boulevard, California.


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