Eleanor Atwood Gibson Personal Life, Family, & More

Eleanor Atwood Gibson is the only daughter of the famous Canadian. author Margaret Atwood. Her father is the late writer, Graeme Gibson. She has two half siblings from her father’s first marriage. Eleanor is also known as Jess Atwood Gibson. To find out more about Eleanor Jess Atwood Gibson, keep on reading.

Personal Life, Family & Career of Eleanor Atwood Gibson

Graeme Gibson and Margaret Atwood welcomed their only daughter, Eleanor Atwood Gibson, in 1976. She’s a Canadian like her parents. Eleanor has followed her parent’s footsteps and written a book called “The Media of Memory: History, Technology and Collectivity in the work of the German Zero Group, 1957 to 1966.” The 46-year-old is also an actor and was cast in her mother’s documentary. She also worked on a 2011 film, Black Moon. Eleanor now works as an art historian in Brooklyn. She’s married and has a son.

Who is Graeme Gibson?

Gibson’s first novel, “The Pelican Brief”, was published in 2001. The book is a legal thriller set in the United States and follows the story of two lawyers who uncover a conspiracy involving the assassination of two Supreme Court justices.

Gibson’s second novel, “The Firm”, was published in 2003. The book is a sequel to “The Pelican Brief” and follows the further adventures of the two lawyers as they attempt to expose a powerful law firm with ties to organized crime.

Gibson’s third novel, “The Runaway Jury”, was published in 2004. The book is another legal thriller, this time set in the world of jury selection. Gibson’s fourth novel, “The Lincoln Lawyer”, was published in 2005. The book is a legal thriller set in the world of criminal defense and follows the story of a lawyer who takes on the case of a man accused of murder.

Gibson has also written several non-fiction books, including a biography of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

All about Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian novelist whose work has been published in over 40 countries. She is best known for her dystopian novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, which has been turned into a successful television series. Atwood is also a prolific poet, essayist, and short story writer.

After graduating from University of Toronto, Atwood worked as a journalist and editor for various publications. She also wrote several poetry collections and her first novel, “The Edible Woman”, was published in 1969.

Atwood’s most famous work, The Handmaid’s Tale, was published in 1985. The novel is set in a dystopian society where women are treated as property and are used solely for reproduction. The book was widely acclaimed and has been turned into a successful television series.

Atwood has won numerous awards for her work, including the Governor General’s Award, the Man Booker Prize, and the Arthur C. Clarke Award. In 2017, she was made a Companion of Literature by the Royal Society of Literature.


Eleanor has two half-brothers, Matt and Grae, from Gibson’s first marriage. Despite having such popular parents, Eleanor and her siblings generally stay out of the media limelight. Thomas Graeme Cameron Gibson is a highly successful Canadian novelist whose books have been adapted into films starring some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Atwood is a passionate advocate for environmental causes and human rights.

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