All About Kakuya Shakur

Kakuya Shakur is the daughter of American political activist and ex-political prisoner Assata Shakur. She was born on September 11, 1974, at Elmhurst General Hospital in Queens, New York, United States of America. Kakuya Shakur is the only child, and there are no details about her father; her mother married Louis Chesimard, but they divorced after three years in 1970.

Personal Details

Kakuya Shakur has avoided the spotlight and leads a private life; she has not revealed whether she is married or has children. Besides, her profession is also unknown. When her mother went to prison in 1977, she was three years old, and her maternal grandmother raised her in New York, but she later joined her mother in Cuba in 1985.

Her Mother

While at Borough of Manhattan Community College, Kakuya Shakur’s mother was active in political activism. Soon after completing college, she joined Black Panther Party, an organization that challenged how the US government handled cases. She worked with the Black Panther Party on several protests for a short time before quitting.

Kakuya’s mother joined the Black Liberation Army and often taunted the US government by robbing banks, killing drug dealers and police, and planting bombs in public places. Assata Shakur was involved in assaults, and at one time, she was shot while struggling with a civilian at Statler Hilton Hotel.

Concerning the incident at the Statler Hotel, Kakuya’s mother was arrested and charged with assault, possession of a firearm and attempted robbery; however, law enforcers released her on bail. Kakuya’s mother mentioned that she was glad she was shot at the incident, survived it and was no longer scared of being shot.

Kakuya’s mother was often involved in many struggles with the police; in 1972, police wanted to question Assata for wounding a law-enforcing officer. The FBI also wanted Kakuya’s mother for leading a faction of the Black Liberation Army that killed several police officers in New York City.

The arrest of Kakuya’s Mother

Kakuya’s mother was arrested in 1973, and the FBI tried to pin every case that involved a woman on crimes committed by the Black Liberation Army. She denied most of the charges against her, which judges later dismissed because of lack of evidence. In 1977, Kakuya’s mother was found guilty of murder and would spend the rest of her life in prison.

Assata Shakur mentioned that the jury convicted her based on racism, and she was not guilty of any crimes.

Imprisonment and Escape from Prison

Kakuya’s mother was transferred to Island Correctional Institution for Women from the Garden State Youth Correctional Facility. She was under solitary confinement for close to two years. While serving her jail time, Kakuya’s mother was often transferred from one correctional facility to another.

Assata Shakur was at the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women when she escaped. Members of the BLA organization who held two police officers hostage, helped Kakuya’s mother escape prison. Among the people who helped Kakuya’s mother escape prison was Mutulu Shakur, her brother. Most African Americans often see Kakuya’s mother as a hero; she still lives in Cuba.

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