Glenn Lucius Hefner , Personal Life and Net Worth

Glenn Lucius Hefner is a celebrity father, who is popular in the world even after his death because both of his sons were renowned personalities and they are Keith Hefner and Hugh Hefner. Here, we will tell you everything in detail about Glenn Lucius Hefner.

So, if you were interested in having details, go ahead and find out all about early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, early life, love life, children, and all other such details about Glenn Lucius Hefner.

Personal life

Born on 27th June 1896 in Atlanta, Phelps County, Nebraska, USA, to James Marston Hefner and Lois Nina Householder Hefner, Glenn Lucius Hefner was an American celebrity father.  If you talk about the married life of Glenn Lucius Hefner, he got married only once in his lifetime and the name of his beloved love was Grace Caroline Swanson Hefner.

The two got married in 1921 and remained together till the death of Glenn Lucius Hefner in 1976. At that time, Glenn Lucius Hefner was 80 years old and the place he took his last breath in was Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin, USA. His wife died almost 21 years after him in 1997 at the age of 102.

Parents and siblings

Glenn Lucius Hefner was the eldest of two children of his parents James Marston Hefner and Lois Nina Householder Hefner. Other than the names, nothing is available about the personal as well as professional lips of his parents. As for the siblings of Glenn Lucius Hefner, the name of his young brother was Raymond Robert Hefner.


The successful married life of Glenn Lucius Hefner gave him the place of becoming a proud father of two sons, Hugh Hefner and Keith Edwin Hefner, who both were renowned personalities. Hugh Hefner was a famous magazine publisher while Keith Edwin Hefner was an actor.

Education and profession

Unlike many other fields where you got confirmed information about the personal life of Glenn Lucius Hefner, here you will not get even a single piece of information. Given the fact, the education of Glenn Lucius Hefner is an absolute secret. If we talk about his profession, Glenn Lucius Hefner was an accountant.

Reason for the popular Glenn Lucius Hefner

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Glenn Lucius Hefner is his sons, especially his son, Hugh Hefner, who garnered huge success as a magazine publisher and his personal life was also very happening.

Net worth of Glenn Lucius Hefner

Well, you will not find the exact figures of the net worth of Glenn Lucius Hefner because it has not been revealed. Considering the fact that he was an accountant, we can say that he had a good amount of money in his life, though not a huge amount. As for the net worth of his famous son, Hugh Hefner, he was estimated to have around 50 million at the time of his death in 2017.


Regardless of the fact that Glenn Lucius Hefner himself was not a celebrity, he definitely did his job as a father really well and made his children capable enough to become what they have become.


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