What You May Not Know About Lucinda Desha Robb

Lucinda Desha Robb is a famous figure and the granddaughter of former United States president Johnson Robb. Lucinda is one of the three children of the first daughter of the former United States president, and she was born on October 25, 1968, in the Washington District of Columbia. If you are curious to find more personal details of the notable family member, continue reading this blog.

Short Biography

Lucinda Robb was born into the notable American family of former president Lyndon B. Johnson. The granddaughter of the former president started her education early, and in 1990, she graduated from Princeton University. Lucinda majored in the Woodrow Wilson School of public affairs.

In 2014, Lucinda Robb was appointed the vice president of a private business producing college-level video and audio courses. There is not much about her work history, although records indicate she served on the Outreach Staff for the Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives for five years. During the five years, Lucinda Robb was the director of exhibits for various topics like Women’s suffrage and Thomas Jefferson.

Lucinda Desha Robb met the love of her life before 2004 and started dating. On June 3, 2004, they decided to make it official and tied the knot. Her husband is Laurence Bennet Florio, and they live in Arlington, Virginia. After almost two years, Lucinda Robb and her husband Lawrence Florio were blessed with a daughter Madeline Taylor, Florio. Madeline Taylor Florio was born on May 15, 2006, in Virginia.

Lucinda Desha Robb’s Mother

Lynda Bird Johnson Robb is the mother of Lucinda Robb. Lynda Bird Jonson Robb is the eldest daughter of the 36th United of America President and former first lady Bird Johnson. At the time of the birth of Lynda Bird Jonson, her mother had experienced three miscarriages, and the doctors said there were few chances for her to get more children.

When Lucinda’s mother was born, her father suggested they name the child after both parents, resulting in the name Lynda Bird Johnson.

Regarding Lucinda’s mother’s career, she chaired the nation’s largest children’s literacy organization. She was also the chairwoman of the President’s Advisory Committee for Women and had many other roles where she was a chair. Lucinda’s mother is the oldest living child of the former United States president, and she remains to be recognized as a former first lady of Virginia for two terms.

Lucinda Desha Robb’s Father

Chuck Robb is the father of Lucinda Robb. Lucinda’s father was born on June 26, 1939, and is a recognized American politician. Chuck Robb was a former the United States Marine Corps officer and joined the Democratic Party, which gave him victory as the 64th governor of Virginia.

While Lucinda’s father was in the United States Marine Corps, he became a White House social aide. During that era, he met the daughter of the then United States President Lynda Johnson Robb and married.

Lucinda Desha Robb’s parents were blessed with three children, and currently, they live in Virginia. Moreover, they are happy to be grandparents to five grandchildren.

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