How Long Does It Take to See Results from Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy devices have become a staple in every Vogue model’s vanity. Many physiotherapists also sing highly about its miracles. That’s because you’ll be astounded to see results within two weeks of consistency!  

This non-invasive procedure triggers your cell’s ability to produce energy. So your impaired cells will naturally heal at a faster pace. However, it does take a few sessions for your body to get adapted first.

That’s why you can recover from agonizing pain starting from the first week. But the time will extend depending on the intensity of your condition. This means you’ll start seeing baby hairs almost around the 26-week mark!

Now tag along as we’ll suggest some effective red light therapies!

Ways Red Light Therapy Will Be More Effective 

Red light therapy single-handedly revolutionized both the beauty industry and the healthcare sector. Here’s how long it takes to see results from some effective red light therapy sessions:

Eliminating Wrinkles

Hovering a red light wand all over your face reverses your skin clock! It’s because red light contains anti-aging properties that revitalize the youthfulness you once lost.

Red light triggers the development of new capillaries beneath your skin. As a result, wrinkly skin gets more radiant as red light plumps it up with nutrient supply.  The lymphatic system activity also becomes activated which reduces puffiness and excess fluids from your face.

This strengthens any weakened tissues to make your skin more firm. Also, the increased collagen production can fill out deep fine lines and wrinkle spots.

Moreover, with regular use of red light therapy, you’ll start to see results within a few sessions! To complement this, utilizing red light therapy at home with the right devices could significantly enhance the convenience and consistency of your sessions.

Reducing Acne

Popping a zit is a big no-no. Yet you find yourself doing it unmindfully. Instead, you can switch to red light therapy devices for spot treatments or full-face revival.

The red light limits oil formation on your skin which is one of the major causes of acne flare-ups. Its anti-inflammatory properties also soothe redness. Moreover, acne blemishes seem to disappear as this therapy repairs impaired tissues.

These devices can decode the requirements to treat cystic acne as red light seeps deep into the skin layers. Your skin can also recover quicker from a sudden breakout.

Make sure to use it for a month to unleash your perfect skin.

Stimulating Hair Growth

Waking up with the pillow covered in your hair can be pretty scary. So these red light devices can assist you in getting back your biggest asset!

Red light stimulates blood circulation in your scalp to deliver the missing nutrients. After that, your hair follicles heal and detoxify themselves for new hair growth.

This means red light is the answer for all your hair woes. After using them, both men and women have seen baby hairs growing in their receded hairlines or bald spots. Therefore, people with androgenic alopecia can be best friends with these devices!

Regrowth can be seen after twelve to twenty-six weeks. Use it with hair serums for better results.

Healing Wounds

Red light therapy also encourages faster wound healing whether you’ve cut yourself or stumbled upon a severe accident. Patients can use it post-surgery for quicker recovery. 

Along with the formation of new blood vessels, red light promotes the production of fibroblasts. Not only the wound size is reduced but also the closure of open wounds is accelerated. Moreover, it helps in repairing your wounds a lot faster. 

Getting sunburns is inevitable on your vacation and red light devices can surely come in handy. Your skin gets instructed to secrete more collagen that reduces any recurring scars. 

Usually, the healing process depends on the severity but amputated patients notice changes after a long 8 weeks.

Alleviating Pain

Doctors now recommend red light therapy devices for post-surgery pain management. Therefore, you can gain back the ability to move within a few weeks of using these fantastic products.

When red light soaks into your skin, the release of endorphins gets stimulated. So it’s responsible for its natural pain-relieving properties. 

Moreover, red light accelerates cellular regeneration. So with the increased ATP, your cells undergo replication to repair the torn ones. Blood is supplied to the sore spots to reduce oxidative stress. All of this working in sync highly alleviates your pain.

Since pain is unpredictable, red light devices need to be used for an extended period like eight to twelve weeks.

Improving Mental Health

Red light is spun across the forehead of Alzheimer’s patients when it comes to light therapy. The benefit is red light is a lot better than others as it’s natural and safe.

This light adjusts the circadian rhythm of these patients who are usually awake during the night. This minimizes fussiness as well as sleep deprivation. Furthermore, inflammations in your nerves can be significantly mitigated. 

Since Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disorder, your nerves are well-protected with a healthy blood supply. This means the oxidative stress in your brain gradually diminishes, promoting better memory.

So patients can now remember again starting from the first week of using this therapy.

Bottom Line 

Red light therapy not only looks after your skin but also relieves you from both physical and psychological worries. So feel free to incorporate it effectively into your lifestyle. You’ll most likely notice changes within the first week! 

In short, depending upon the threshold of your ailment, you’ll notice improvements from two weeks to four months. It brings back your youthfulness by covering up fine lines and reveals your radiant skin without blemishes. Moreover, baby hairs start growing around bald spots. Most importantly, red light recovers wounds as well as mitigates post-surgery pain. But it’s mainly miraculous for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Even though your recovery won’t be instant, the overall process is pretty fast. In this way, you can quickly ease your bodily miseries.


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