Jack Linton Deen Personal Life, Family, & More

Jack Linton Deen is the grandson of famous chef Paula Deen. She is known for her cooking shows and is a celebrity judge in MasterChef. She welcomed her grandchild Jack Linton Deen in 2006. Paula Deen was over the moon when one of her sons, Jamie Deen, and his wife, Brooke Terry Deen welcomed Jack in 2006.

If you want to know about the lavish life of Jack Linton Deen, this article is for you exclusively because you will learn everything about the lucky charm of the family as her grandmother likes to call him.


Jack Linton Deen was born in 2006 to Jamie Deen and Brooke Terry Deen. He is the grandson of Paula Deen and Jimmy Deen. His grandmother, Paula Deen married his grandfather Jimmy Deen in 1965 and divorced him in 1989. They were together for 24 years. Paula Deen married Michael Groover in 2004. Michael Groover is the step-grandfather of Jack Linton Deen. The Father of Jack Linton Deen, Jamie Deen is a famous American chef and a TV personality. He runs her mother’s restaurant ‘The Lady & Sons, in Georgia.

Jack Linton Deen’s uncle is Bobby Deen who is also following in the footsteps of her mother and operates her mother’s restaurant with her brother, Jamie Deen. Jack Linton Deen’s maternal grandfather, the brother of Paula Deen is Earl lovingly called Bubba. Paula Deen had to struggle a lot to fulfill the wishes of her sons and younger brother. Jack Linton Deen has a younger brother Mathew who is an 11-years-old handsome boy. Her uncle Bobby Deen has triplets, two girls, and one boy.


Jack Linton Deen is a sixteen-year-old boy who will still be in high school and aspiring to become someone like his grandmother or his father.

His grandmother Paula Deen suffered from depression during her 20s. She found her solace in food. This passion turned into her profession, and now Jack Linton Deen’s whole family is in the food business. They have a big restaurant in Savannah, Georgia which she and her sons operate perfectly. Her younger brother and she started ‘Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House in Georgia, and that business too gave huge returns. Paula Deen opened Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. She opened another restaurant in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at Broadway at the Beach, the shopping center.

Her grandmother was criticized for her sugar recipes by a fellow Television chef Christina Pirello. Another criticism was from a celebrity chef f Anthony Bourdain who didn’t want Paula Deen to add heavy sugar and fried items in three meals a day. Jack Linton Deen will be a successful chef if he chooses cooking as his profession.

Physical Appearance

Jack Linton Deen is a handsome boy with white skin color, brown hair, and brown eyes. According to Jamie Deen, Jack Linton Deen has his mother’s lips and his father’s big head. His face has dimples that he got from his father, but as he is growing up, his features started resembling her grandmother, Paula Deen.


Jack Linton Deen is a lucky boy to be born into a great family where everyone has love and respect for each other. He is a young boy and he is yet to choose a profession for himself, but whatever he chooses, he will be successful because he has strong family support. All the Deen children are in the family business, but it would be interesting to see what their grandchildren choose for their living in the future.

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